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Topological Phases of Non-Hermitian Systems
Recent experimental advances in controlling dissipation have brought about unprecedented flexibility in engineering non-Hermitian Hamiltonians in open classical and quantum systems. A particular
Symmetry and Topology in Non-Hermitian Physics
We develop a complete theory of symmetry and topology in non-Hermitian physics. We demonstrate that non-Hermiticity ramifies the celebrated Altland-Zirnbauer symmetry classification for insulators
Topological Origin of Non-Hermitian Skin Effects.
It is revealed that the skin effect originates from intrinsic non-Hermitian topology, which explains the universal feature of the known skin effect, and leads to new types of the skin effects-symmetry-protected skin effects.
Information Retrieval and Criticality in Parity-Time-Symmetric Systems.
By investigating information flow between a general parity-time (PT-)symmetric non-Hermitian system and an environment, we find that the complete information retrieval from the environment can be
Second-Order Topological Phases in Non-Hermitian Systems.
A d-dimensional second-order topological insulator (SOTI) can host topologically protected (d-2)-dimensional gapless boundary modes. Here, we show that a 2D non-Hermitian SOTI can host zero-energy
Classification of Exceptional Points and Non-Hermitian Topological Semimetals.
This classification of generic topologically stable exceptional points is presented according to two types of complex-energy gaps and fundamental symmetries of charge conjugation, parity, and time reversal and reveals unique non-Hermitian gapless structures with no Hermitian analogs.
Topological unification of time-reversal and particle-hole symmetries in non-Hermitian physics
It is shown that in non-Hermitian systems, such as those with gain and loss, time-reversal and particle-hole symmetries are equivalent to each other, unifying otherwise distinct topological classes and leading to emergent non- hermitian topological phases.
Anomalous helical edge states in a non-Hermitian Chern insulator
A non-Hermitian extension of a Chern insulator and its bulk-boundary correspondence are investigated. It is shown that in addition to the robust chiral edge states that reflect the nontrivial
Exact zero modes in twisted Kitaev chains
We study the Kitaev chain under generalized twisted boundary conditions, for which both the amplitudes and the phases of the boundary couplings can be tuned at will. We explicitly show the presence
Non-Hermitian Many-Body Localization.
It is demonstrated that a real-complex transition profoundly affects the dynamical stability of non-Hermitian interacting systems with asymmetric hopping that respects time-reversal symmetry.