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Periodic disorder along ramie cellulose microfibrils.
Small angle neutron scattering studies have been carried out on cellulose fibers from ramie and Populus maximowicii, and the leveling off degree of polymerization (LODP) of the hydrolyzed samples matched exactly the periodicity observed in the diffraction studies.
Structural changes in lignin of tropical woods during digestion by termite, Cryptotermes brevis
Wood samples of apitong (Dipterocarpus grandiflorua) and ilang-ilang (Ilang-Ilang C. dadloyi) and feces of termites [Cryptotermes brevis (Walker)] fed on these woods were collected from University of
Covalent linkages between cellulose and lignin in cell walls of coniferous and nonconiferous woods.
Covalent linkages between wall polysaccharides and lignin, especially linkage between cellulose and lignin were discussed by carboxymethylation technique of whole cell walls of coniferous and
Lignin characteristics of peculiar vascular plants
It was found that guaiacyl-syringyl lignin is not necessarily linked to the presence of vessels, as reported in previous articles, and differences in guayacyl lign in and guaiACYl- Syringyl Lignin do not exactly reflect taxonomical differences.
Reduction of aluminum toxicity to radish by alkaline oxygen treated kraft lignin
To obtain a soil-conditioning agent for acid soil containing excess aluminum ions (AL), kraft lignin was modified by alkaline oxygen treatment. The growth of radish root in solution and in soil
Lignin characteristics of bast fiber and core in kenaf, bark and wood of paper mulberry and mulberry
The structural features of bast fiber and core lignins in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus), bark and wood lignin of paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent × Broussonetia kazinoki Sieb.) and
Structural Modification of Lignin in Peat during Peat Formation at Tropical Swamp
Peat samples from typical tropical peat swamp around Narathiwat Province, southern Thailand, were collected from various depths of peat profile (from surface to 210 cm depth), of which dates were
Traditional Chinese Papers, their Properties and Permanence
SUMMARIES Seven kinds of traditional Chinese paper made recently, i.e. three types of xuan paper, daqian writing paper, fuyangxuan paper and wenzhou bast paper, were selected to investigate their
Modified Kraft Lignin and Its Use for Soil Preservation
The rapid decrease of forest land in the world, particularly that of the tropical rain forest, is a matter of most concern to us. According to a recent report, 1,690 x 104 hectares of tropical rain
Characterization of lignin fragments in alkaline oxygen-stage waste liquor as soil-conditioning agent
We characterized the lignin fragments in the alkaline oxygen delignification-stage waste liquor from a pulp and paper mill as a soil-conditioning agent. Chemical reactions of this lignin fragment