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Sourdough and cereal fermentation in a nutritional perspective.
Use of sourdough is of expanding interest for improvement of flavour, structure and stability of baked goods. Cereal fermentations also show significant potential in improvement and design of theExpand
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Effects of sourdough and enzymes on staling of high-fibre wheat bread
Abstract The effects of sourdough and enzyme mixture ( α -amylase, xylanase and lipase) on the specific volume, staling and microstructure of wheat pan bread supplemented with wheat bran wereExpand
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Effect of Baking Method and Fermentation on Folate Content of Rye and Wheat Breads
ABSTRACT The effect of baking method on folates of rye and wheat breads, as well as the effect of sourdough fermentation of rye, were examined. Sourdough fermentations were performed both with andExpand
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In situ production and analysis of Weissella confusa dextran in wheat sourdough.
Several lactic acid bacteria belonging to the genera Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, and Weissella have been introduced to wheat sourdough baking for in situ production of exopolysaccharides. This isExpand
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Optimization of sourdough process for improved sensory profile and texture of wheat bread
The aim of the study was to determine optimum sourdough process conditions for improved flavour and texture of wheat bread. The influence of process conditions and the starter culture on theExpand
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Physical, microscopic and chemical characterisation of industrial rye and wheat brans from the Nordic countries
Background Epidemiological studies show inverse relationship between intake of wholegrain cereals and several chronic diseases. Components and mechanisms behind possible protective effects ofExpand
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Process-induced changes on bioactive compounds in whole grain rye
Manufacturing of healthy whole-grain foods demands knowledge of process-induced changes in macro-, micro- and non-nutrients. The high content of dietary fibre is a challenge in relation to goodExpand
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Bran fermentation as a means to enhance technological properties and bioactivity of rye.
Response surface methodology was applied to study the effects of fermentation on the levels of phytochemicals (folates, phenolic compounds, alkylresorcinols) and on the solubilization of pentosans inExpand
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Sensory characteristics of wholegrain and bran-rich cereal foods: A review
Background: Wholegrain foods are known to be health-beneficial but their sensory characteristics may be a limiting factor for consumption. The scientific literature of factors influencing sensoryExpand
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Kati Katina Sourdough : a tool for the improved flavour , texture and shelf-life of wheat bread
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