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Quality of life in childhood epilepsy with lateralized epileptogenic foci
It is demonstrated for the first time that in children left- and right-hemispheric foci were associated with discordant QOL scores, demonstrating that seizures impact the brain differentially during development. Expand
Discounting of Delayed and Probabilistic Losses of Different Amounts
Previous research has shown that the value of a larger future reward is discounted less steeply than the value of a smaller future reward. The value of probabilistic reward has been shown to haveExpand
[Polish adaptation and validation of beck youth inventories of emotional and social impairment].
Polish self-report inventories for children, examining emotional and social impairments have been created with very high reliability and good validity, qualify them as trustworthy tools both in scientific research and in individual diagnostics. Expand
Effects of recently developed antiphlogistic drugs on viability, reduplication, mean volume and volume distribution of mammalian cells cultured in vitro.
The effects of a number of recently developed agents with antiphlogistic properties (meclofenamic acid, niflumic acid, azapropazon, cinnopentazon, alclofenac, bufexamac, ibufenac, ibuprofen, benzydami
Effects of hexosamine derivatives and uronic acid derivatives on glycosaminoglycane metabolism of fibroblast cultures.
The influence of glucosamine, galactosamine, glucuronic acid and of some derivatives of these compounds on mucopolysaccharide metabolism and on protein metabolism of primary fibroblast monolayer cultu