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Plants as a source of anticancer agents
An attempt has been made to review some medicinal plants used for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Plant derived compounds have played an important role in the development of severalExpand
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Evidence for Osteocalcin Binding and Activation of GPRC6A in β-Cells.
The possibility that G protein-coupled receptor family C member A (GPRC6A) is the osteocalcin (Ocn)-sensing G protein-coupled receptor that directly regulates pancreatic β-cell functions isExpand
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Oral Submucous Fibrosis- A Review
Oral sub mucous fibrosis (OSF) is a high risk precancerous condition, predominantly affecting Indian. Data from recent epidemiological studies provide overwhelming evidence that areca nut is the mainExpand
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The optimized evaluation of diabetic foot infection by dual isotope SPECT/CT imaging protocol.
Sequential Tc-99m hydroxymethylene-diphosphonate (HDP) 3-phase bone (BS) and In-111 leukocyte scanning (WBCS) have been frequently used to evaluate the diabetic foot, as nonosteomyelitis BS uptake isExpand
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Structural and Functional Evidence for Testosterone Activation of GPRC6A in Peripheral Tissues.
G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) family C group 6 member A (GPRC6A) is a multiligand GPCR that is activated by cations, L-amino acids, and osteocalcin. GPRC6A plays an important role in theExpand
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Validation of an operating room immersive microlaryngoscopy simulator
To assess the face and construct validity of two assessment tools for a microlaryngoscopy simulator—a Checklist Assessment for Microlaryngeal Surgery and Global Rating Assessment for MicrolaryngealExpand
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Novel Therapeutic Targets for Managing Dyslipidemia.
Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) remains the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in developed nations. Therapeutic modulation of dyslipidemia by inhibitingExpand
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Security, Vulnerability and Protection of Vehicular On-board Diagnostics
We show that remote exploitation is feasible via a broad range of attack points such as mechanic tools, CD players, Bluetooth and Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Expand
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Ensemble-based docking: From hit discovery to metabolism and toxicity predictions.
This paper describes and illustrates the use of ensemble-based docking, i.e., using a collection of protein structures in docking calculations for hit discovery, the exploration of biochemicalExpand
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Microscopic view of lipids and their diverse biological functions.
Biological membranes and their diverse lipid constituents play key roles in a broad spectrum of cellular and physiological processes. Characterization of membrane-associated phenomena at aExpand
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