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"Hyperacute" renal-homograft rejection in man.
Findings suggest that serum antibody reacted with and became fixed to the histocompatibility antigens of the graft, thereby initiating an acute vascular reaction with early polymorphonuclear-leukocyte margination and progression to widespread capillary thrombosis. Expand
Clinical Studies on Behçet's Syndrome
The clinical and laboratory findings in 85 cases of Behqet's syndrome seen at the authors' clinic between September, 1957, and April, 1961, are reported below. Expand
Heterophile antigens and antibodies in medicine.
  • K. Kano, F. Milgrom
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current topics in microbiology and immunology
  • 1977
Forssman antibodies are the best known example of antibodies that act on antigens of unrelated species. Expand
HLA-B*3501-peptide interactions: role of anchor residues of peptides in their binding to HLA-B*3501 molecules.
Long peptides can effectively bind to HLA class I molecules provided that anchor residues are conserved, and results indicate that two anchor residues, proline at position 2 and tyrosine at position 9 are critical in binding of peptides to H LA*3501 molecules. Expand
Presentation of human minor histocompatibility antigens by HLA-B35 and HLA-B38 molecules.
Data demonstrated that the five amino acids substitutions on the alpha 1 domain between HLA-B35 and -Bw53, which are associated with Bw4/Bw6 epitopes, play a critical role in the relationship of hmHA-1 to HLA -B35 molecules. Expand
Antibodies to Newcastle disease virus in various human diseases.
Sera of patients with infectious mononucleosis (IM) and various other diseases were studied for agglutinins against Newcastle disease virus (NDV)-modified human group O red blood cells (NDVO) andExpand
Heterophile antibodies in pathologic human sera resembling antibodies stimulated by foreign species sera.
It was demonstrated that H-D antibodies react in double diffusion gel precipitation tests with: crude extract of bovine erythrocyte stromata; purified fraction of this extract devoid of Paul-Bunnell antigen; and thermostable ethanol-insoluble freactions of serum and organs of oxen and several other species. Expand
Immune Complex Disease 1
Following the establishment and wide application of therapy with antitoxic sera, a number of symptoms resulting from the injection of serum from a foreign species into human beings were noted; the most frequently observed symptoms were fever, urticaria, joint pain and swelling of lymph nodes; in rare instances, sudden death was observed. Expand
Antibodies to tubular basement membrane elicited by stimulation with allogeneic kidney.
The results of these studies indicate that an immune response to TBM alloantigens can be elicited by lymph node cell transfer or parabiosis, and that the parental lymphoid cells induce a mild graft-versus-host reaction characterized by an allogeneic effect. Expand
HLA-B51 and HLA-Bw52 differ by only two amino acids which are in the helical region of the alpha 1 domain.
Genes encoding the serologically cross-reactive HLA-B51 and Hla-Bw52 molecules were isolated and the exons sequenced and similarity of HLA's and HLA’s with HLA,Bw58 suggest they also share a common ancestor. Expand