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Slow Spreading Ridges of the Indian Ocean: An Overview of Marine Geophysical Investigations
Sparse and non-availability of high resolution geophysical data hindered the delineation of accurate morphology, structural configuration, tectonism and spreading history of Carlsberg Ridge (CR) andExpand
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Exploration of the Carlsberg Rodge
Surveys to explore the slow to medium spreading Carlsberg Ridge, which acts as a plate boundary between the Indian and African plates in the northern Arabian Sea, have been ongoing since 1996. A ~Expand
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Geomorphological and petrological observations along a segment of slow-spreading Carlsberg Ridge
A 120-km-long section of the Carlsberg Ridge has been mapped with multi-beam bathymetry system (MBS). High resolution bathymetric contour map generated with the MBS data shows well defined axialExpand
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Elevated turbidity and dissolved manganese in deep water column near 10°47’S Central Indian Ridge: studies on hydrothermal activities
The deep water in the ridge segment between 10°18’S and 10°57’S of northern Central Indian Ridge was surveyed with CTD and AUV for seafloor hydrothermal activities. During the survey, 25 CTDExpand
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