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Controls on the dynamics of dissolved organic matter in soils: a review.
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) in soils plays an important role in the biogeochemistry of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, in pedogenesis, and in the transport of pollutants in soils. The aim ofExpand
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Biodegradation of soil-derived dissolved organic matter as related to its properties
Abstract Quantifying the contribution of dissolved organic matter (DOM) to C sequestration in soils requires knowledge about extent and rate of its biodegradation. Since degradation experiments areExpand
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Controls of bioavailability and biodegradability of dissolved organic matter in soils
Abstract In soils, dissolved organic matter (DOM) is probably the most bioavailable fraction of soil organic matter, since all microbial uptake mechanisms require a water environment. BioavailabilityExpand
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Fluxes and concentrations of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen – a synthesis for temperate forests
Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrogen (DON)represent an important part of the C and N cycles inforest ecosystems. Little is known about the controlson fluxes and concentrations of theseExpand
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Organo-mineral associations in temperate soils: Integrating biology, mineralogy, and organic matter chemistry
We summarize progress with respect to (1) different approaches to isolate, extract, and quantify organo-mineral compounds from soils, (2) types of mineral surfaces and associated interactions, (3)Expand
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Biogeochemistry of paddy soils
Abstract Paddy soils make up the largest anthropogenic wetlands on earth. They may originate from any type of soil in pedological terms, but are highly modified by anthropogenic activities. TheExpand
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Changes in properties of soil-derived dissolved organic matter induced by biodegradation
Properties of dissolved organic matter (DOM) determine its biodegradation. In turn, biodegradation changes the properties of the remaining DOM, which may be decisive for the formation of stableExpand
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Cycling downwards – dissolved organic matter in soils
Abstract Dissolved organic matter has been recognized as mobile, thus crucial to translocation of metals, pollutants but also of nutrients in soil. We present a conceptual model of the verticalExpand
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Biodegradation of forest floor organic matter bound to minerals via different binding mechanisms
Abstract Mineral-associated organic matter (OM) represents a large reservoir of organic carbon (OC) in natural environments. The factors controlling the extent of the mineral-mediated OCExpand
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Amounts and degradability of dissolved organic carbon from foliar litter at different decomposition stages
Abstract Litter is one of the main sources of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in forest soils and litter decomposition is an important control of carbon storage and DOC dynamics. The aim of our studyExpand
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