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A molecular phylogeny of Graphidaceae (Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes, Ostropales) including 428 species
We present a comprehensive molecular phylogeny of the lichen family Graphidaceae (subfamilies Graphidoideae and Fissurinoideae) based on partial sequences of the mtSSU, nuLSU rDNA, and RPB2 loci. TheExpand
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Phylogeny and phenotypic variation in the lichen family Graphidaceae (Ostropomycetidae, Ascomycota).
A phylogenetic study of the lichen family Graphidaceae is presented. Most genera of the family, as well as selected representatives of the closely related Thelotremataceae, are included. The resultsExpand
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New or otherwise interesting Lichens. VI, including a lichenicolous fungus
Eight lichenized ascomycetes and one lichenicolous non-lichenized fungus are described as new to science, namely Coniocarpon coralloideum from Venezuela and Ecuador, Crustospathula khaoyaiana fromExpand
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Gyalectoid Pertusaria species form a sister-clade to Coccotrema (Ostropomycetidae, Ascomycota) and comprise the new lichen genus Gyalectaria
The phylogeny and taxonomic placement of three species currently placed in the genus Pertusaria with gyalectoid ascomata were studied using maximum likelihood and Bayesian analysis of four molecularExpand
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Leprose and leproid lichens of the Galapagos, with a particular focus on Lepraria (Stereocaulaceae) and Septotrapelia (Pilocarpaceae)
As part of an ongoing species inventory for the Galapagos Archipelago, sterile leprose and leproid lichens have been revised. Differences between leprose vs. leproid growth forms are discussed in theExpand
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