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Role of Sympathetic Nervous System in Pain: Mechanism-BasedExamination and Treatment using Physical Therapy: A Focused Review
Musculoskeletal pain (MSKP) was proposed to arise from various mechanisms out of which nociceptive mechanism was common. Role of Sympathetic nervous system (SNS) in MSKP was not recognized until Expand
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Loss a Asessment of Albirzia lebbek Seeds Due to Insect and Fungus Damage
Damage caused by two insect borers and a fungus to the seeds of Albizia lebbek was quantified. It was observed that by November end almost 50% seeds were damaged whereas by February end thisExpand
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Analysis of Lubricating Oil Deterioration in Four-Wheeler
Lubricating oil used in vehicles deteriorates over the period of use, due to various causes. These include, high temperatures, great variety of contaminants like carbonic acid etc [1]. DeterioratedExpand
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A comparative study of neuroticism, quality of life and hope among the parents of normal children, parents of intellectually disabled children and parents of physically disabled children
The purpose of this study is to examine the difference between the neuroticism, hope and quality of life among the parents of normal children, parents of intellectually disabled children, parents ofExpand
Infectobesity? Role of Ad-36 virus
Obesity is one of the greatest challenges of our time affecting vast majority of population. It is a serious chronic disease that has numerous etiologies. The Human Adenovirus-36 (Ad-36) was firstExpand
Citepack: An Autonomous Agent for Discovering and Integrating Research Sources
This paper describes CitePack, an autonomous, agent-based system for automatically discovering resources based on learned user preferences. Expand
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Promoting Craft Entrepreneurship by Rejuvenating Tambat Craft in Old Tambat Ali, Nashik
Tambat Ali1 is a part of ancient settlements in Nashik. The settlement houses craftsmen who are highly skilled in making handmade copper and brass utensils by their traditional techniques. TheExpand
Transport of interstitial fluid in the brain