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Data Congruence and Phylogeny of the Papaveraceae s.l. Based on Four Data Sets: atpB and rbcL Sequences, trnK Restriction Sites, and Morphological Characters
Phylogenetic analyses of various combinations of atpB and rbcL sequence data, trnK restriction sites, and morphological characters of taxa representing the Papaveraceae s.l. (Pteridophyllaceae,Expand
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The phylogeny of the Papaveraceae sensu lato: morphological, geographical and ecological implications
On the background of the phylogeny of the Papaveraceae s.l., the evolution of the androecium and gynoecium, the geographical distribution, and the ecological differentiation of the family isExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of the Old World representatives of Papaveraceae subfamily Papaveroideae with special emphasis on the genus Meconopsis
The RFLP-analysis of PCR amplified cpDNA fragments of 42 representatives of Papaveraceae subfam. Papaveroideae resulted in six most parsimonious cladograms. The subfamily can be divided into a NewExpand
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The phylogeny ofPapaver s. l. (Papaveraceae): Polyphyly or monophyly?
An RFLP analysis of the chloroplast genetrnK of 32 species of the generaPapaver, Roemeria, Stylomecon, andMeconopsis leads to the following conclusions: (1) AsianMeconopsis consists of two distinctExpand
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Untersuchungen zum Verhalten der mikrosomalen ATPasen aus Rattenhirn
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Der Einfluß der extracellulären Calciumkonzentration auf die Wirkung von Noradrenalin, ß-Adrenolytica und Chinidin an isolierten Meerschweinchenvorhöfen
SummaryIsometric contractions of electrically driven (180/min) left guinea-pig auricles were recorded under the influence of norepinephrine, ß-blocking agents and quinidine at different extracellularExpand
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Autologous blood therapy for common cold--a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
BACKGROUND In Germany autologous blood therapy (ABT) is a widespread therapy for infectious diseases in complementary medicine. Clinical data for its use for common cold is lacking. METHODS In aExpand
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Über die Abhängigkeit der Wirkung einiger herzwirksamer Pharmaka von der extracellulären Calciumkonzentration
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["Smoking cessation"--a problem for physician and patient].
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  • 1 April 1991