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Larch: Languages and Tools for Formal Specification
This monograph discusses the use of formal specifications in program development and introduces the notation of mathematical logic in formal specification languages and supporting tools.
MaCRA: a model-based framework for maritime cyber-risk assessment
A model-based risk assessment framework which considers a combination of cyber and maritime factors is introduced which aims to comprehensively present maritime cyber-risks and better inform those in the maritime community when making cyber-security decisions.
Methodology for Performing Synchrophasor Data Conditioning and Validation
A phasor measurement unit (PMU) only state estimator is intrinsically superior to its SCADA analogue with respect to speed, performance, and reliability. However, ensuring the quality of the data
Three-phase linear state estimation using Phasor Measurements
Given the ability of the Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) to directly measure the system state and the increasing implementation of PMUs across the electric power industry, a natural application of PMUs
Live-fly, large-scale field experimentation for large numbers of fixed-wing UAVs
Extensive advances in live-fly field experimentation capabilities of large numbers of fixed-wing aerial robots are presented, and both the enabling technologies as well as the challenges addressed in such largescale flight operations are highlighted.
Planning for opportunistic surveillance with multiple robots
This work presents an algorithm that runs a series of graph searches to solve the multiple robot surveillance problem and provides theoretical analysis that the approach yields an optimal solution.
LCL: A Larch Interface Language for C
LCL is a Larch interface language for Standard C that will tend to encourage some styles of development, but it does not change the programming language.
Analog property checkers: a DDR2 case study
The focus of this paper is on the translation of the official (informal and descriptive) specification of two non-trivial DDR2 properties into stl/psl assertions and study both the benefits and the current limits of such approach.
Maritime cybersecurity policy: the scope and impact of evolving technology on international shipping
As the global maritime industry becomes increasingly dependent on advancing technology, it is important for the world to be more aware of, and understand, the possible scope and impacts cyberattack...
Variable domain transformation for linear PAC analysis of mixed-signal systems
A method to perform linear AC analysis on mixed-signal systems which appear strongly nonlinear in the voltage domain but are linear in other variable domains, which enables the circuits to be macromodeled as weakly-nonlinear systems in the chosen domain and then converted to voltage-domain models.