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Neonatal NMDA Receptor Blockade Disrupts Spike Timing and Glutamatergic Synapses in Fast Spiking Interneurons in a NMDA Receptor Hypofunction Model of Schizophrenia
Overall, it is proposed these physiological disturbances represent a general impairment to the physiological maturation of FSIs which may contribute to schizophrenia-like behaviors produced by this model. Expand
A systematic analysis of defects in ion-implanted silicon
A classification scheme for the different forms of implant-related damage which arise upon annealing consisting of five categories is presented. Category I damage is “subthreshold” damage or thatExpand
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Porous LSCF Cathodes
Solid oxide fuel cells ! SOFCs" are efficient, environmentally friendly, and fuel-flexible electrochemical devices for the generation of electrical power and heat. 1 They consist of three basicExpand
Ion beam-mixed Ge electrodes for high capacity Li rechargeable batteries
Ion beam modification to effect ion beam mixing without changing morphology was investigated as a means to improve the electrochemical performance of Ge thin film electrodes for rechargeable LiExpand
Specification of Select Hypothalamic Circuits and Innate Behaviors by the Embryonic Patterning Gene Dbx1
In the hypothalamus the developmentally regulated homeodomain-containing transcription factor Dbx1 is required for the generation of specific subclasses of neurons within the lateral hypothalamic area/zona incerta (LH) and the arcuate (Arc) nucleus. Expand
Diffusion of Ge in Si1-xGex/Si single quantum wells in inert and oxidizing ambients
The interdiffusion of Si/Si0.85Ge0.15/Si single quantum well (SQW) structures subjected to inert- and oxidizing-ambient annealing was investigated as a function of temperature (900–1200 °C) and time.Expand
Stressed solid-phase epitaxial growth of ion-implanted amorphous silicon
Abstract The kinetics of stressed solid-phase epitaxial growth (SPEG), also referred to as solid-phase epitaxy, solid-phase epitaxial regrowth, solid-phase epitaxial recrystallization, andExpand
Nanostructured Ion Beam-Modified Ge Films for High Capacity Li-Ion Battery Anodes
Nanostructured ion beam-modified Ge electrodes fabricated directly on Ni current collector substrates were found to exhibit excellent specific capacities during electrochemical cycling in half-cellExpand
Amorphization and graphitization of single-crystal diamond — A transmission electron microscopy study
Abstract The amorphization and graphitization of single-crystal diamond by ion implantation were explored using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The effect of ion implantation and annealing onExpand
Nanoscale manipulation of Ge nanowires by ion irradiation
Nanowires have generated considerable interest as nanoscale interconnects and as active components of both electronic and electromechanical devices. However, in many cases, manipulation andExpand