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Phonetic Feature Encoding in Human Superior Temporal Gyrus
We used high-density direct cortical surface recordings in humans while they listened to natural, continuous speech to reveal the STG representation of the entire English phonetic inventory. Expand
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The Buckeye corpus of conversational speech: labeling conventions and a test of transcriber reliability
This paper describes the Buckeye corpus of spontaneous American English speech, a 307,000-word corpus containing the speech of 40 talkers from central Ohio, USA. Expand
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Massive reduction in conversational American English
The English are a lazy lot, and will not speak a word as it should be spoken when they can slide through it. Why be bothered to say extraordinary when you can get away with strawdiny? ... Many of theExpand
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Resonance in an exemplar-based lexicon: The emergence of social identity and phonology
  • K. Johnson
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • J. Phonetics
  • 1 October 2006
An exemplar-resonance model of speech perception that performs ‘‘speech perception without normalization’’. Expand
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Why reduce? Phonological neighborhood density and phonetic reduction in spontaneous speech
Frequent or contextually predictable words are often phonetically reduced, i.e. shortened and produced with articulatory undershoot. Explanations for phonetic reduction of predictable forms tend toExpand
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The role of perceived speaker identity in F0 normalization of vowels.
  • K. Johnson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1 August 1990
In the experiments reported here, perceived speaker identity was controlled by manipulating the fundamental frequency (F0) range of carrier phrases in which speech tokens were embedded. In the firstExpand
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Amyloid Deposition Begins in the Striatum of Presenilin-1 Mutation Carriers from Two Unrelated Pedigrees
The amyloid cascade hypothesis suggests that the aggregation and deposition of amyloid-β protein is an initiating event in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Using amyloid imaging technology, such as theExpand
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Quasiextinction Probabilities as a Measure of Impact on Population Growth
A probabilistic language based on stochastic models of population growth is proposed for a standard language to be used in environmental assessment. Environmental impact on a population is measuredExpand
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Phonetic bias in sound change
Most typologies of sound change have drawn either a two-way distinction between changes grounded in articulation and perception or a three-way distinction among perceptual confusion, hypocorrectiveExpand
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Decisions and mechanisms in exemplar-based phonology
Generative phonology is a structuralist linguistic framework inspired by mathematical/physical theories.UC Berkeley Phonology Lab Annual Report (2005) Decisions and mechanisms in exemplar-based phonology . Expand
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