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‘Effective Micro-organisms’ (EM): An Effective Plant Strengthening Agent for Tomatoes in Protected Cultivation
ABSTRACT The effect of treating organically grown tomato plants with Effective Micro-organisms (EM) combined with a stone dust-suspension (EM treatment) was tested in a pot experiment in a foliarExpand
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Two-phase flavonoid formation in developing strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) fruit.
Flavonoids are important secondary metabolites in strawberry as they fulfill a wide variety of physiological functions. In addition, they are beneficial for human health. Previous studies have shownExpand
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Change in color and other fruit quality characteristics of tomato cultivars after hot-air drying at low final-moisture content
The present study aimed to evaluate the drying quality of three tomato cultivars (Amoroso, Berlinto and Messina) at low final-moisture content. Tomatoes were cut into slices and hot-air-dried fromExpand
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Results from a three year testing project of new strawberry cultivars in Verticillium infested soils and under organic farming conditions
As part of a research project 13 cultivars were planted in 2005 at 11 sites on 9 farms in 5 different Austrian regions. The aim was to find new cultivars tolerant to soil-borne pathogens andExpand
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Amelioration of an open soilless cultivation system for microgardening spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.).
The objective of this study was to develop an open soilless culture system with high water and nutrient use efficiency, and low emission in the environs for microgardening high quality spinach. ForExpand
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„Agri-Black“ – Einsatz einer photoselektiven Mulchfolie im ökologischen Erdbeeranbau
ZusammenfassungBei Erdbeeren nimmt der Anbau auf Mulchfolien zu. In dieser Arbeit wird die photoselektive PE-Mulchfolie „Agri-Black“ mit einer herkömmlichen Mulchfolie und mit der traditionellenExpand
Determination of nitrogen release by organic fertilizers as influenced by fertilizer type and soil characteristics
Incubation and pot experiments were carried out at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria during the months of July to October 2011 to investigate suitability of grainExpand
Post-harvest nutritional and antioxidant profile of Beta vulgaris L. grown in low emission soilless microgarden system with organic and inorganic nutriments
Beetroot was grown in an open soilless cultivation system with nutrition supplied by organic and inorganic sources. This low emission system was tested for microgardening high quality red beets withExpand
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Effect of soil on uptake and utilization of nitrogen by oat (Avena sativa L.).
Growers seeking an alternative to animal residue based organic nitrogen (N) fertili zers can select among a number of different plant- and industry processed organic fertilizers. However, the effectExpand