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Wave attenuation over coastal salt marshes under storm surge conditions
Salt marshes protect coastlines against waves. Wave flume experiments show that marsh vegetation causes substantial wave dissipation and prevents erosion of the underlying surface, even duringExpand
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Effects of litter on establishment of grassland plant species: the role of seed size and successional status
Abstract Litter layers have a negative effect on seedling recruitment in many ecosystems. Successional fen grasslands are characterized by the built-up of litter layers which might be a key-factorExpand
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A global analysis of the seaward salt marsh extent: The importance of tidal range
Despite the growing interest in ecosystem services provided by intertidal wetlands, we lack suf-?cient understanding of the processes that determine the seaward extent of salt marsh vegetation onExpand
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Species composition of soil seed bank and seed rain of abandoned wet meadows and their relation to aboveground vegetation
Summary Until the late fifties of this century species rich wet meadows were characteristic of the swampy alluvial plains in SchleswigHolstein (north-western Germany). Today many of these meadowsExpand
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Dormancy patterns, germination ecology, and seed-bank types of twenty temperate fen grassland species
The germination ecology, including primary and secondary dormancy, mortality of seeds, and seed-bank type, of 20 fen grassland species from Northern Germany was investigated using a combination ofExpand
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Scale matters: Impact of management regime on plant species richness and vegetation type diversity in Wadden Sea salt marshes
Abstract After foundation of the Wadden Sea National Park, grazing and artificial drainage was ceased or reduced on large areas of the salt marshes at the Schleswig-Holstein mainland coast (NorthernExpand
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Role of biotic interactions and physical factors in determining the distribution of marsh species along an estuarine salinity gradient.
Understanding the mechanisms that shape plant distribution patterns is a major goal in ecology. We investigated the role of biotic interactions (competition and facilitation) and abiotic factors inExpand
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Vegetation-wave interactions in salt marshes under storm surge conditions
Vegetation-wave interactions are critical in determining the capacity of coastal salt marshes to reducewave energy (wave dissipation), enhance sedimentation and protect the shoreline from erosion.Expand
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Long-term surface elevation changes in German North Sea salt marshes
Abstract We analyzed long-term (19–21 years) surface elevation changes of salt marshes along the German mainland North Sea coast in a large and consistent data set (423 plots). Our aim was toExpand
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Effects of topsoil removal, seed transfer with plant material and moderate grazing on restoration of riparian fen grasslands
ABSTRACT Question: How do moderate grazing, topsoil removal and hay transfer affect species diversity and abundance on a eutrophic fen grassland site? Location: Northern Germany. Method: AExpand
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