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The SSN ontology of the W3C semantic sensor network incubator group
The SSN ontology is described, which can describe sensors in terms of capabilities, measurement processes, observations and deployments and the use of the ontology in recent research projects is described. Expand
On the semantic annotation of places in location-based social networks
In this paper, we develop a semantic annotation technique for location-based social networks to automatically annotate all places with category tags which are a crucial prerequisite for locationExpand
The Stimulus-Sensor-Observation Ontology Design Pattern and its Integration into the Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
The core classes and relationships forming the pattern are discussed in detail and are aligned to the DOLCE foundational ontology to improve semantic interoperability and clarify the underlying ontological commitments. Expand
SOSA: A Lightweight Ontology for Sensors, Observations, Samples, and Actuators
The need for SOSA is motivated, an overview of the main classes and properties are provided, and its integration with the new release of the SSN ontology as well as various other alignments to specifications such as OGC’s Observations and Measurements (O&M), Dolce-Ultralite (DUL), and other prominent ontologies are discussed. Expand
Extracting and understanding urban areas of interest using geotagged photos
A coherent framework for extracting and understanding urban AOI based on geotagged photos, identified using DBSCAN clustering algorithm, understood by extracting distinctive textual tags and preferable photos, and discussed the spatiotemporal dynamics as well as some insights derived from the AOi are presented. Expand
Geospatial semantics and linked spatiotemporal data - Past, present, and future
The research field of geospatial semantics is outlined, major research directions and trends are highlighted, and a glance at future challenges are glance at. Expand
Five stars of Linked Data vocabulary use
This paper aims to take Tim Berners-Lee's original proposal to the next level by introducing a 5 star rating for Linked Data vocabulary use. Expand
Observation-Driven Geo-Ontology Engineering
This work proposes an observation-driven ontology engineering framework, shows how its layers can be realized using specific methodologies, and relates the framework to existing work on geo-ontologies. Expand
Semantic Sensor Network XG Final Report