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Capture and ionization of argon within liquid helium droplets
Liquid helium droplets of initial mean cluster size, 〈N〉, ranging from 600 to 8000 atoms are doped with argon using the pick-up technique. The doped clusters are ionized by electron impact, and theExpand
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Rare gas–dihalogen potential energy surfaces
Even though the rare gas–halogen interactions have been among the most intensively studied intermolecular forces, it is only in the last few years that qualitatively correct potential energy surfacesExpand
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Direct measurement of velocity distributions in argon beam–tungsten surface scattering
Velocity distributions for Ar atoms scattering from a clean, polycrystalline tungsten surface have been measured for a wide range of incident supersonic beam energies 300 K < (1/2) m〈v2〉/k<2000 K,Expand
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Direct inelastic scattering Ar from Pt(111)
High resolution angularly resolved time of flight distributions are presented for a supersonic argon beam scattering from a clean well‐characterized Pt(111) single crystal. A novel presentation ofExpand
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Structure and Dynamics of the Rare Gas-Halogen Van Der Waals Molecules: Product State Distributions for Vibrational Predissociation of NeBr2
A brief review of the structure and dynamics of the rare gas halogen van der Waals molecules is given. New results are presented for the lifetimes of several vibrational levels of the B state ofExpand
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Structure and Bonding of KrClF: Intermolecular Force Fields in Van Der Waals Molecules
The radio frequency and microwave spectrum of KrClF has been measured by molecular beam electric resonance spectroscopy. The molecular constants for the major isotope (84Kr35ClF) are:The atomicExpand
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Benzene dimer: A polar molecule
The electric deflection of molecular beams of (C6H6)2, produced by adiabatic expansion, has been measured. The benzene dimer is observed to be a polar species. It is likely that the structure of thisExpand
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The dynamics of noble gas--halogen molecules and clusters.
The vibrational relaxation of noble gas-halogen van der Waals clusters has been fertile territory for the development of experimental and theoretical tools for state-to-state dynamics studies.Expand
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