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Variation in material transport and water chemistry along a large ephemeral river in the Namib Desert
Summary 1 The chemical characteristics of floodwaters in ephemeral rivers are little known, particularly with regard to their organic loads. These rivers typically exhibit a pronounced downstreamExpand
Hydrologic influences on soil properties along ephemeral rivers in the Namib Desert
Soils were examined along three ephemeral rivers in the Namib Desert to assess the influence of their hydrologic characteristics on soil properties. Soils consisted of layers of fluvially deposited,Expand
Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers are superior to somatic incompatibility tests for discriminating genotypes in natural populations of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Suillus granulatus.
Assessing genetic variation within populations and genetic exchange between populations requires an understanding of the distribution and abundance of individual genotypes within the population.Expand
Transport, Retention, and Ecological Significance of Woody Debris within a Large Ephemeral River
The spatiotemporal patterns and ecological significance of the retention of coarse particulate organic matter and large woody debris have been intensively studied in perennial rivers and streams butExpand
Moisture and substrate stability determine VA-mycorrhizal fungal community distribution and structure in an arid grassland
Abstract The arid central dune field of the Namib Desert is characterized by a pronounced rainfall gradient across its west–east, 160 km breadth, and a correlated increase in sand stability and grassExpand
A first assessment of genetic variation in Welwitschia mirabilis Hook.
Welwitschia mirabilis is a monotypic member of the family Welwitchiaceae which, along with Ephedra and Gnetum species, comprises the gymnospermous order Gnetales. While the monophyly of this order isExpand
Hydrologic controls of physical and ecological processes in Namib Desert ephemeral rivers: Implications for conservation and management
Abstract Ephemeral rivers have been largely excluded from previous attempts to classify global hydrologic regimes, or to assess the role of hydrologic characteristics in regulating ecologicalExpand
A first assessment of genetic variation among Morchella esculenta (morel) populations.
Habitat loss and fragmentation have serious consequences for species diversity as well as genetic diversity within a species. As the most sought-after culinary fungus in the Midwest United States,Expand
The mycorrhizal status of Welwitschia mirabilis
This is the first report of the mycorrhizal status of Welwitschia mirabilis, a gymnosperm endemic to the Namib Desert. Like all other gymnosperms except the Pinaceae and Gnetaceae, W. mirabilis isExpand
Survey of soil chemical properties across a landscape in the Namib Desert
A selection of soils were sampled in the Central Namib Desert to investigate the importance of landscape and associated plant communities on soil nutrient status. Soils were sampled in an ephemeralExpand