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Multi-gene phylogenies define Ceratocystiopsis and Grosmannia distinct from Ophiostoma
Ophiostoma species have diverse morphological features and are found in a large variety of ecological niches. Many different classification schemes have been applied to these fungi in the past basedExpand
Leptographium wingfieldii introduced into North America and found associated with exotic Tomicus piniperda and native bark beetles.
Leptographium wingfieldii is a well-known fungal associate of the pine shoot beetle, Tomicus piniperda, in Europe. This fungus is pathogenic to pines and is an important cause of blue-stain in theExpand
Identity and phylogenetic relationships of ophiostomatoid fungi associated with invasive and native Tetropium species (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in Atlantic Canada.
In 1999, red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) trees in a small area of the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, were found to be infested and killed by Tetropium fuscum (Fabr.)Expand
Microbial diversity and community structure in Fynbos soil
The Fynbos biome in South Africa is renowned for its high plant diversity and the conservation of this area is particularly important for the region. This is especially true in the case of endangeredExpand
Effect of active-modified atmosphere packaging on the respiration rate and quality of pomegranate arils (cv. Wonderful)
Abstract Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of active- and passive-modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on respiration rate (RR) and quality attributes of minimally processedExpand
A taxonomic and phylogenetic revision of Penicillium section Aspergilloides
Species belonging to Penicillium section Aspergilloides have a world-wide distribution with P. glabrum, P. spinulosum and P. thomii the most well-known species of this section. These species occurExpand
Five new Penicillium species in section Sclerotiora: a tribute to the Dutch Royal family
Current literature accepts 17 species in Penicillium section Sclerotiora. Several produce colonies in bright yellow to orange colours and have monoverticillate conidiophores, apart from P. herquei,Expand
Phylogenetic relationships in Leptographium based on morphological and molecular characters
Species of Leptographium Lagerberg & Melin are characterized by mononematous conidiophores with dark stipes and conidiogenous apparatuses with complex series of branches. These fungi generallyExpand
The impact of crop rotation on soil microbial diversity: A meta-analysis
Abstract Agricultural intensification can involve the simplification of agroecosystems to crop monocultures while the practices of crop rotation, intercropping and companion planting maintain someExpand