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The pharmacology of the isolated foregut of the locust schistocerca gregaria—I. the effect of a range of putative neurotransmitters
Abstract 1. Isolated locust foreguts exhibited little or no spontaneous contractile activity. 2. Proctolin (10−9m-10−6m) caused rapid and powerful contraction of the tissue while the response toExpand
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Abscisic acid binding to subcellular fractions from leaves of Vicia faba
A centrifugation binding assay has been used to demonstrate the binding of [3H] (±) abscisic acid to membrane-rich fractions prepared from leaves of Vicia faba L. Kinetic analysis of this bindingExpand
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Tyramine antagonizes proctolin-induced contraction of the isolated foregut of the locust Schistocerca gregaria by an interaction with octopamine2 receptors.
1. Octopamine (OA) (10(-7)-10(-5) M) relaxed isolated foreguts. Tyramine mimicked the effects of OA but was 64x less potent. 2. Proctolin (10(-8) M to 10(-6) M) induced contraction of isolatedExpand
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Uptake of abscisic acid by isolated mesophyll protoplasts from Vicia Faba
Mesophyll protoplasts were isolated from Vicia faba (cv. exhibition longpod) leaf tissue and [3H] abscisic acid ([3H]ABA) uptake was measured as a function of time, concentration, pH and temperature.Expand
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The pharmacology of the isolated foregut of the locust Schistocerca gregaria—II. characterization of a 5-HT2-like receptor
1. 5-HT (10−8−5 × 10−6 M) relaxed isolated locust foreguts. 2. The effects of 5-HT were mimicked by 5,6-DHT, 5-MeOT, tryptamine, 5-MeT, MK212 and methysergide while 5-hydroxyindole,Expand
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FMRFamide and related peptides modulate the actions of 5-hydroxytryptamine and proctolin on the foregut of the locust, Schistocerca gregaria.
reconstituted from detergent extracts in an active form. The 7. Kish, P, E., Fischer-Bovenkerk. C. & Ueda. '1.. ( 1989) I'roc. ability to extract the transporters from their native membraneExpand
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The pharmacology of the isolated foregut of the locust Schistocerca Gregaria—III. Identification of an octopamine2 receptor
Abstract 1. Octopamine (OA) (10 −7 − 10 −5 M) relaxed isolated foreguts. 2. The effects of OA were mimicked by synephrine. 3. Mianserin ( ic 50 = 1 μ M ) , cyproheptadine ( ic 50 = 50 μ M ) andExpand
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Comparison of the Effects of 2-Phenylindolone and N-Ethylmaleimide on Energy-Linked Reactions in Submitochondrial Particles
In a recent paper Sweetman et al. (1971) described the effects of a novel energy-transfer inhibitor, 2-phenylisatogen, on rat liver mitochondria. The effects of 2-phenylindolone, one of the reductionExpand
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Effects of FMRFamide-related peptides and morphine on the isolated foregut of the locust Schistocerca gregaria.
1. Morphine and YAGFMamide were the most effective potentiators of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)-induced relaxation of the isolated foregut. 2. Morphine had no effect on proctolin-induced tissueExpand
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