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A Study on Crystallization of Oxalic Acid in Batch Cooling Crystallizer
A study on batch cooling crystallizer, to assess the effects of various cooling modes on the crystal size distribution, is attempted for oxalic acid. The linear cooling mode is found to give narrowExpand
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Effect of ethanolic extract of Melia dubia leaves on full‐thickness cutaneous wounds in Wistar rats
In recent years, the therapeutic effects of phyto‐principles have been appreciated for their promising effects on wound healing. Melia dubia (Malabar neem) possesses anti‐cancer, anti‐diabetic,Expand
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Electro-oxidation of tannery soak water using solar photovoltaic stand-alone systems
The recalcitrant organics matters present in the tannery soak water and generation of CO2 by the conventional grid-power, becomes a major problem to meet pollution control board norms in Tamil Nadu.Expand
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Preparation and characterization of bio fuel from industrial waste
Disposal of biomass becomes often an environmental issue. A novel method has been developed to convert biomass into solid bio-fuel. Experiments were carried out on preparation of solid fuel pelletExpand
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Alternatives to Salt Preservation: Preservation by Reducing Moisture Content
The first step in leather processing is the preservation or curing of hides and skins. Conventionally 40-50% of common salt is used to preserve the skins and hides, which leads to an increase in theExpand
Experimental Study Based on Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam (BFRC)
This research paper present the art of knowledge of basalt fibre, It is relatively new material. Basalt is a igneous rock. Which is solidified volcanic lava basalt fibre is a high performanceExpand
Investigation and Analysis of A PV Stand- Alone System for Industrial Leather Processing
In this study, solar photovoltaic (SPV) power has been used to conduct leather process using experimental drum with a motor power of 746 W. A conventional stainless steel (SS) leather tanning drumExpand