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Capture Mechanisms in Filtration
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Removal mechanisms in deep bed filtration
Abstract The particle transport mechanism operating during the filtration of dilute suspensions through deep granular beds has been considered on a dimensionless unit cell basis. It has been shownExpand
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Abstract A dimensionless Filterability Number relates the filterability of a suspension to filter material taking into account clarification, clogging and flow rate. A simple compact apparatusExpand
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The significance of surface electric charge on algae in water purification
The results of a study on the surface electric charge carried by fresh-water planktonic algae are used to provide a theory for the flocculation of algae with chemical coagulants. Where it isExpand
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Mathematical Models of Deep Bed Filtration
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Filtration studied with endoscopes
Abstract A new technique uses endoscopes inserted into rapid sand filters, to observe directly and dynamically filtration deposition and backwashing phenomena in the filter pores, at magnificationsExpand
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Emergence of resistant variants of HIV in vivo during monotherapy with the proteinase inhibitor saquinavir.
We examined the phenotypic and genotypic properties of virus from the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and plasma of eight HIV-1-infected asymptomatic patients before and during monotherapyExpand
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The scientific basis of flotation.
The Froth Flotation Process: Past, Present and Future - In Brief.- Physics and Hydrodynamics of Bubbles.- Thin Films, Contact Angles, Wetting.- Some Aspects of the Physical Chemistry of Solid/WaterExpand
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Kinetics of the filtration of dilute suspensions
Abstract Filtration through porous granular media of dilute particulate suspensions in water has been considered and theoretical relationships developed for pressure drop as dependent on the quantityExpand
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  • K. Ives
  • Materials Science
  • 1 July 1963
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