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Therapeutic Results of a Titanium Alloy Captured Hip Screw in External Fractures of the Femoral Neck
The therapeutic results of using a titanium alloy captured hip screw in cases of external fractures of the femoral neck were studied. The subjects were eight males and 22 females, a total of 30 withExpand
Scintigraphical Observation of The Femoral Head in Traumatic Hip Dislocation
99mTc-MDP uptake of the femoral head in traumatic hip dislocation of 7 cases was examined by serial bone scintigraphy after reduction. The cases of dislocation were type I (6 cases) and type II (1Expand
Spontaneous Fracture of the Femoral Neck
We performed a clinical and radiographic review of 9 aged patients with spontaneously occurring femoral neck fractures who had no history of an accident or strenuous physical activity.All patientsExpand
Myelography with Iotrolan, an Isotonic Water Soluble Contrast Medium
Iotrolan, an isotonic water-soluble non-ionic contrast medium, has recently been developed to improve the biological activity of Metrizamide. We used the contrast medium for myelography andExpand