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Saturation and BFKL dynamics in the HERA data at small-x
Abstract We show that the HERA data for the inclusive structure function F2(x,Q2) for x⩽10−2 and 0.045⩽Q2⩽45 GeV2 can be well described within the color dipole picture, with a simple analyticExpand
Geometric scaling above the saturation scale
Abstract We show that the evolution equations in QCD predict geometric scaling for quark and gluon distribution functions in a large kinematical window, which extends above the saturation scale up toExpand
Odderon in the color glass condensate
Abstract We discuss the definition and the energy evolution of scattering amplitudes with C -odd (“odderon”) quantum numbers within the effective theory for the color glass condensate (CGC) endowedExpand
Kondo phase diagram of quark matter
Abstract We find a novel type of phase, “the Kondo phase,” in a quark matter containing heavy quarks as impurities. This phase allows the QCD Kondo effect to occur between a light quark (ψ) and aExpand
Froissart bound from gluon saturation
Abstract We demonstrate that the dipole–hadron cross-section computed from the non-linear evolution equation for the Colour Glass Condensate saturates the Froissart bound in the case of a fixedExpand
Duality and Pomeron effective theory for QCD at high energy and large N c
Abstract We propose an effective theory which governs pomeron dynamics in QCD at high energy, in the leading logarithmic approximation, and in the limit where N c , the number of colors, is large. InExpand
Magnetically induced QCD Kondo effect
The "QCD Kondo effect" stems from the color exchange interaction in QCD with non-Abelian property, and can be realized in a high-density quark matter containing heavy-quark impurities. We propose aExpand
Strong-field physics as a new probe of early-time dynamics in heavy-ion collisions
In high-energy heavy-ion collisions, there appear two kinds of extremely strong fields: Ordinary electromagnetic fields and non-Abelian color Yang-Mills fields called a glasma. I explain how they areExpand
Topology and stability of the Kondo phase in quark matter
We investigate properties of the ground state of a light quark matter with heavy quark impurities. This system exhibits the "QCD Kondo effect" where the interaction strength between a light quarkExpand
Monday, 27 August 2012