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Phosphorylation of dis2 protein phosphatase at the C‐terminal cdc2 consensus and its potential role in cell cycle regulation.
We show that the fission yeast dis2 protein phosphatase, which is highly similar to mammalian type 1 phosphatase, is a phosphoprotein containing phosphoserine (phospho‐S) and threonine (phospho‐T).Expand
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Requirement for PP1 phosphatase and 20S cyclosome/APC for the onset of anaphase is lessened by the dosage increase of a novel gene sds23+.
Ubiquitin‐dependent proteolysis is required for the onset of anaphase. We show that protein dephosphorylation by protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) is also essential for initiating anaphase in fissionExpand
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A selective inhibitor of p38 MAP kinase, SB202190, induced apoptotic cell death of a lipopolysaccharide-treated macrophage-like cell line, J774.1.
A selective p38 MAP kinase (p38 MAPK) inhibitor, SB202190, induced apoptotic cell death of a macrophage-like cell line, J774.1, in the presence of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), as judged by DNA nicksExpand
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Control of metaphase-anaphase progression by proteolysis: cyclosome function regulated by the protein kinase A pathway, ubiquitination and localization.
Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis is fundamental to cell cycle progression. In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, a mitotic cyclin (Cdc13), a key cell cycle regulator, is degraded for exitingExpand
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Molecular cloning and expression of a rat cDNA encoding MDCK-type chloride channel.
A cDNA encoding MDCK-type chloride channel was cloned from the rat kidney cDNA library using the homology screening approach. The deduced amino acid sequence of cloned cDNA has a 92.4% homology withExpand
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Distribution of retinol-binding protein in the human digestive tract
SummaryBy employing polyclonal antibodies for retinol-binding protein (RBP), its distribution in the human pancreas and digestive tract mucosa was compared with those of transthyretin (TTR) andExpand
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Spindle checkpoint signaling requires the mis6 kinetochore subcomplex, which interacts with mad2 and mitotic spindles.
The spindle checkpoint coordinates cell cycle progression and chromosome segregation by inhibiting anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome until all kinetochores interact with the spindle properly.Expand
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Possible involvement of calpain in down-regulation of protein kinase C.
Calpain is known to play a variety of cellular functions in various cells by Ca2(+)-dependent limited proteolysis. Protein kinase C (PK-C) is a key enzyme in signal transduction. It is known thatExpand
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Immunocytochemical identification of beta-protein precursor in cultured vascular cells.
The immunocytochemical and immunochemical identification of beta-protein precursor in cultured vascular cells was undertaken using three types of antibodies to the synthetic predictive peptidesExpand
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