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Spliceostatin A targets SF3b and inhibits both splicing and nuclear retention of pre-mRNA
The removal of intervening sequences from transcripts is catalyzed by the spliceosome, a multicomponent complex that assembles on the newly synthesized pre-mRNA. Pre-mRNA translation in the cytoplasmExpand
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Radicicol Binds and Inhibits Mammalian ATP Citrate Lyase*
Six different biotinylated radicicol derivatives were synthesized as affinity probes for identification of cellular radicicol-binding proteins. Derivatives biotinylated at the C-17 (BR-1) and C-11Expand
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Spliceostatin A blocks angiogenesis by inhibiting global gene expression including VEGF
Spliceostatin A (SSA) is a methylated derivative of an antitumor natural product FR901464, which specifically binds and inhibits the SF3b spliceosome sub‐complex. To investigate the selectiveExpand
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Structure-activity Relationship for FR901464: A Versatile Method for the Conversion and Preparation of Biologically Active Biotinylated Probes
The structure-activity relationship for FR901464, a potent cell-cycle inhibitor, was examined by synthesizing its analogs. A versatile method for converting FR901464 was devised. This method made itExpand
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Synthesis of (−)-mellein, (+)-ramulosin, and related natural products
Abstract (−)-Mellein, (+)-ramulosin, (−)-O-methylmellein, (−)-6-hydroxymellein, (−)-6-methoxymellein, and (+)-6-hydroxyramulosin were synthesized as optically active forms using one-potExpand
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Absolute structure of prunustatin A, a novel GRP78 molecular chaperone down-regulator.
In the course of our screening program for regulators of a molecular chaperone GRP78 expression, we isolated a novel inhibitor of GRP78 expression, designated as prunustatin A, from StreptomycesExpand
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Enantioselective total synthesis of (2R,3R,6R)-N-methyl-6-(deca-1′,3′,5′-trienyl)-3-methoxy-2-methylpiperidine, an insecticidal alkaloid
Abstract An insecticidal piperidine alkaloid, (2R,3R,6R)-N-methyl-6-(deca-1′,3′,5′-trienyl)-3-methoxy-2-methylpiperidine, was efficiently synthesized in a stereoselective manner starting from dExpand
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First total synthesis and determination of the absolute configuration of mueggelone
Abstract All the four possible stereoisomers of mueggelone, an inhibitor of fish development, were efficiently synthesized in a stereoselective manner starting from d -arabinose, and the absoluteExpand
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Synthetic Studies of Natural 10-Membered Lactones, Mueggelone, Microcarpalide, and Sch 642305, Which Have Interesting Bioactivities
  • K. Ishigami
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  • 23 May 2009
A number of 10-membered lactones have been isolated as secondary metabolites, and many of them have interesting and potent activities. Because of synthetic and biological interests, many syntheticExpand
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