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Triage in medicine, part I: Concept, history, and types.
This 2-article series offers a conceptual, historical, and moral analysis of the practice of triage. Part I distinguishes triage from related concepts, reviews the evolution of triage principles andExpand
Pain treatment in post-traumatic hip fracture in the elderly: regional block vs. systemic non-steroidal analgesics
BackgroundThis prospective, randomized double-blind study, conducted over 19 months in a tertiary care ED, sought to determine if a fascia-iliaca regional anesthetic block provides better and saferExpand
Single fascia iliaca compartment block for post-hip fracture pain relief.
Hip fractures can cause considerable pain when untreated or under-treated. To enhance pain relief and diminish the risk of delirium from typically administered parenteral analgesics and continuedExpand
Fight or Flight: The Ethics of Emergency Physician Disaster Response
Most disaster plans depend on using emergency physicians, nurses, emergency department support staff, and out-of-hospital personnel to maintain the health care system’s front line during crisesExpand
Strangulation: a review of ligature, manual, and postural neck compression injuries.
  • K. Iserson
  • Medicine
  • Annals of emergency medicine
  • 1 March 1984
Triage in medicine, part II: Underlying values and principles.
Part I of this 2-article series reviewed the concept and history of triage and the settings in which triage is commonly practiced. We now examine the moral foundations of the practice of triage. WeExpand
International emergency medicine and the role for academic emergency medicine.
International emergency medicine continues to grow and expand. There are now more than 30 countries that recognize emergency medicine as a specialty. As the field continues to develop, manyExpand
Grave Words: Notifying Survivors about Sudden, Unexpected Deaths
Reviewer 's Exper t Opinion Description: This monograph is a description of the rationale for communicating effectively in the setting of unexpected death. Purpose: The purpose is to improve theExpand
Nairobi fly (Paederus) dermatitis in South Sudan: a case report.
A 28-year-old nursing student working in Juba, South Sudan, suddenly developed a rash over her mid-right clavicle. Beginning as a 10-cm-diameter erythematous patch with an irregular border, within 24Expand
Healthcare Ethics During a Pandemic
  • K. Iserson
  • Medicine
  • The western journal of emergency medicine
  • 13 April 2020
As clinicians and support personnel struggle with their responsibilities to treat during the current COVID-19 pandemic, several ethical issues have emerged. Will healthcare workers and support staffExpand