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Song development in the zebra finch and other estrildid finches
Root crop cleaning apparatus including a pair of adjacent, counterrotating cleaning rolls arranged in root crop receiving relation, the resilient disks on the one roll being yieldable axially and cooperable with the axially extending gaps between the rods on the other roll to permit rocks and other foreign objects to pass between the rolls without causing damage to the apparatus. Expand
Ecological Significance of Imprinting and Early Learning
A review in a series mainly devoted to the field of ecology of imprinting, where it is being realized more and more that imprinting may also be of considerable ecological and evolutionary significance. Expand
Sexual and Other Long-Term Aspects of Imprinting in Birds and Other Species
The chapter discusses the four main criteria that are the characteristic for imprinting, and discusses the significance of the early determination of sexual preferences for the general concept of imprinting and the biological function and possible evolutionary consequences of sexual imprinting. Expand
A Dictionary of Ethology
This is a guide to world animal behaviour. Presenting a balance of historical and current terminology, the authors provide definitions of terms central to ethological writing. Aditionally, theyExpand
The Influence of Early Experience Upon the Development of Social Behavior in Estrildine Finches
Besides the mother-infant-relationships discussed in a previous paper, experience during the first days or weeks of life has also proved to exert an important influence on adult behavior, mainly uponExpand
Influence of adult courtship experience on the development of sexual preferences in zebra finch males
Young zebra finch, Taeniopygia guttata castanotis, males were raised by Bengalese finch, Lonchura striata, foster parents until day 35, 40 or 50 of age, respectively. Following isolation until dayExpand
Behavioral and hormonal responses of male zebra finches to antiandrogens
The results show that injections of CyA depress the sexual activity of the birds as measured by the amount of courtship song and the antiandrogenic activity of Cy probably is neutralized by this stimulated testosterone production. Expand
Introduction to Ethology
1 Aims, Methods, and Areas of Ethology.- 1.1. Definitions of Concepts.- 1.2. Descriptive Ethology.- 1.3. Experimental Ethology.- 1.4. Areas of Ethological Research.- 2 Basic Ethological Concepts.-Expand