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Multimode lasing in two-dimensional fully chaotic cavity lasers.
Multimode lasing in a fully chaotic cavity is investigated numerically by using a nonlinear dynamics model. We report a transition process from single-mode lasing to multimode lasing and revealExpand
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A Numerical Test of Padé Approximation for Some Functions with Singularity
The aim of this study is to examine some numerical tests of Pade approximation for some typical functions with singularities such as simple pole, essential singularity, brunch cut, and naturalExpand
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Theory of two-dimensional microcavity lasers
We present theoretical models of two-dimensional (2D) microcavity lasers. The relation between stationary lasing modes and resonances or metastable states is elucidated for arbitrary shapes of 2DExpand
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Chaotic tunneling: a remarkable manifestation of complex classical dynamics in non-integrable quantum phenomena
Abstract The tunneling phenomenon in chaotic systems is analyzed in terms of the complex semi-classical method in the time domain. In contrast to the tunneling paths in integrable systems, it isExpand
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Stokes geometry for the quantum Hénon map
The Stokes geometry for the propagator of the quantum Henon map is studied. Virtual turning points and new Stokes curves, which have been proposed as entirely new notions appearing only inExpand
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Maxwell-Bloch Turbulence
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Stable oscillations of a spatially chaotic wave function in a microstadium laser.
Laser action on a single spatially chaotic wave function is obtained as a final stable state in a nonlinear dynamical model of a stadium shaped resonant cavity with an active medium. The stableExpand
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Asymmetric stationary lasing patterns in 2D symmetric microcavities.
Locking of two resonance modes of different symmetry classes and different frequencies in 2D resonant microcavity lasers is investigated by using a nonlinear dynamical model. The patterns ofExpand
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Applicability of symplectic integrator to classically unstable quantum dynamics
Applicability of symplectic integrator (SI) to classically unstable (chaotic) quantum systems is examined, and accuracy and efficiency as a numerical integrator of Schrodinger equation areExpand
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Tunneling mechanism due to chaos in a complex phase space.
We have revealed that the barrier-tunneling process in nonintegrable systems is strongly linked to chaos in complex phase space by investigating a simple scattering map model. The semiclassical waveExpand
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