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A study of fossil turritella in Japan
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Yaizu Natural Gas Field
The Yaizu natural gas field, situated in the Pacific coast of central Japan, is small field with an area of less than 1km2.The total production of dry gas from 13 wells of 100-120 meters in depth,Expand
Natural Gas at the South Kyushyu
  • K. Ida
  • Environmental Science
  • 1948
A Profile of Pliocene in Shizuoka
A relation between rock facies and mega fossils for the Pliocene strata which distributes in the north of Sagara oil field, Shizuoka Pref., is shown in the following figures.
Subsurface Quaternary Geology in Yaizu, Central Japan
Two burried hills, a wave-cut terrace and a drowned valley were found under Quaternary deposits of Port Yaizu, Pacific coast of Japan, by detailed examination of well-logs in the gas field.
Simple Penetration Test for Sedimentary Rocks
Simplified penetration-test shows the relative value of consolidation for sedimentary rocks as well as soil. This method is to measure the press-mark which is made by falling some metal instrumentExpand
Classification of Reservoir of Natural Gas
日本の天然ガスの生産は新鉱床の発見と共に近年著しい増加を示してきた。ところがこの鉱床の分類は源始的な探査技術段階ににおいて仮設定されたものが現在まで踏襲されている。この点鉱床に対する概念の上に誤解を生じ易く, また日本の生産の大半を占める鉱床型式は外国ではあまり着目されていないものであることがわかつてきているので,Expand