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Bayesian structural equation modeling for the health index
The main purpose of this study is to model the health index of an individual based on classical structural equation modeling (SEM) and Bayesian SEM and it is found that demographic status and lifestyle are significantly related to the healthindex, however, mental health has no significant relation to thehealth index.
The best probability models for dry and wet spells in Peninsular Malaysia during monsoon seasons
The identification of the most appropriate models to represent the rainfall distribution is very important as it can be utilised in various applications such as those in water resource management,
The spatial distribution of wet and dry spells over Peninsular Malaysia
SummaryIn order to provide informative resources for future developments in water-related sectors, it is necessary to examine the characteristics of rainfall distribution. The analysis of the
Fitting optimum order of Markov chain models for daily rainfall occurrences in Peninsular Malaysia
The analysis of the daily rainfall occurrence behavior is becoming more important, particularly in water-related sectors. Many studies have identified a more comprehensive pattern of the daily
The Probability Distribution Model of Wind Speed over East Malaysia
Many studies have found that wind speed is the most significant parameter of wind power. Thus, an accurate determination of the probability distribution of wind speed is an important parameter to
Estimation of the shape and scale parameters of Pareto distribution using ranked set sampling
In the current paper, the estimation of the shape and location parameters α and c, respectively, of the Pareto distribution will be considered in cases when c is known and when both are unknown.
Analysis of drought condition and risk in Peninsular Malaysia using Standardised Precipitation Index
Contrary to the belief that Peninsular Malaysia experiences wet condition throughout the year, prolonged dry condition has lately become a recurrent phenomenon in this region. As a result, country's
Multistage Median Ranked Set Sampling for Estimating the Population Median
We modify RSS to come up with new sampling method, namely, Multistage Median Ranked Set Sampling (MMRSS). The MMRSS was suggested for estimating the population median and to increase the efficiency