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A new approach to cancer chemotherapy: selective enhancement of tumor blood flow with angiotensin II.
Elevation of the mean arterial blood pressure to approximately 150 mmHg by infusion of angiotensin II resulted in an approximate 5.7-fold selective increase in blood flow in tumor tissue withoutExpand
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Microvascular mechanisms by which the combretastatin A-4 derivative AC7700 (AVE8062) induces tumour blood flow stasis
  • K. Hori, S. Saito
  • Biology, Medicine
  • British Journal of Cancer
  • 30 September 2003
We previously reported that a novel combretastatin A-4 derivative, AC7700, has remarkable antitumour effects because of an irreversible stasis of tumour blood flow (TBF) and subsequent loss ofExpand
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Evaluation of Antivascular and Antimitotic Effects of Tubulin Binding Agents in Solid Tumor Therapy
Tubulin binding agents (TBAs) reduce tumor perfusion and inhibit mitosis of tumor cells in solid tumors, but it is not clear which effects contribute to the suppression of solid tumor growth. WeExpand
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Functional characterization of the microcirculation in tumors
SummaryThis review describes some aspects of tumor vessels and the influence of vasoactive agents on tumor blood flow, particularly the characteristic microcirculation of tumors with regard to itsExpand
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Comparison of the distribution of fluorine-18 fluoromisonidazole, deoxyglucose and methionine in tumour tissue
14C-2-deoxyglucose (2DG) and 14C-methionine (Met). The study was performed using control rats with the AH109A tumour and rats with the same tumour under local hypoxia. Tumour uptake of FMISO wasExpand
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Differential relationship between changes in tumour size and microcirculatory functions induced by therapy with an antivascular drug and with cytotoxic drugs. implications for the evaluation of
A novel combretastatin A-4 derivative, AC7700, which is now in Phase I clinical trials under a new code, AVE8062, has shown strong antitumour effects against solid tumours in rodents because of itsExpand
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A novel combretastatin A-4 derivative, AC7700, strongly stanches tumour blood flow and inhibits growth of tumours developing in various tissues and organs
In a previous study, we used subcutaneous LY80 tumours (a subline of Yoshida sarcoma), Sato lung carcinoma, and methylcholanthrene-induced primary tumours, to demonstrate that a novel water-solubleExpand
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Induced hypertension chemotherapy of cancer patients by selective enhancement of drug delivery to tumor tissue with angiotensin II.
  • H. Sato, K. Sato, +10 authors S. Saito
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  • 1 December 1981
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Fluctuations in Tumor Blood Flow under Normotension and the Effect of Angiotensin II‐induced Hypertension
To elucidate the significance of angiotensin II (AID‐induced hypertension chemotherapy, changes of tissue blood flow both in normal subcutis and in tumors (AH109A, LY80) were measured with theExpand
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Increase in tumor vascular area due to increased blood flow by angiotensin II in rats.
For further elucidation of the microhemodynamics in tumor tissue, the "vascular level," percentage of the vascular area to tissue area, was measured in DONRYU rats. Changes in the vascular level dueExpand
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