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Habitat Use by Fishes in Coral Reefs, Seagrass Beds and Mangrove Habitats in the Philippines
Understanding the interconnectivity of organisms among different habitats is a key requirement for generating effective management plans in coastal ecosystems, particularly when determining componentExpand
Diel habitat-use patterns of commercially important fishes in a marine protected area in the Philippines
Underwater visual surveys revealed that the densities of some target fishes were significantly higher inside than outside the MPA, suggesting that the M PA protects the core of fish home ranges. Expand
Life history and migration of Sakhalin taimen, Hucho perryi, caught from Lake Akkeshi in eastern Hokkaido, Japan, as revealed by Sr:Ca ratios of otoliths
Results indicated that some specimens migrated to brackish waters during their early life histories, and specimens from Lake Akkeshi may have remained in the ocean for only a short period. Expand
Growth rate characteristics of juvenile chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta originating from the Pacific coast of Japan and reaching Konbumori, eastern Hokkaido
The results suggest that fish migrating from more distant rivers were better able to survive and to reach Konbumori by achieving or exceeding a certain growth rate. Expand
Diet, growth, and abundance of two seagrass bed fishes along a pollution gradient caused by milkfish farming in Bolinao, northwestern Philippines
The present study clarified the impacts of aquaculture pollution on the surrounding seagrass bed fishes by comparing the diet, growth, and abundance of Parupeneus barberinus and AcreichthysExpand
Tracking long-distance migration of marine fishes using compound-specific stable isotope analysis of amino acids.
The isotope tracking method successfully reproduced a known chum salmon migration route between the Okhotsk and Bering seas, and the findings suggest the presence of a new migration route to the Bering Sea Shelf during a later growth stage. Expand
Migratory patterns of exotic brown trout Salmo trutta in south-western Hokkaido, Japan, on the basis of otolith Sr:Ca ratios and acoustic telemetry.
This first documentation of the presence of both male and female anadromous S.trutta in the same region within Japan indicated the risk of further colonization of exotic S. trutta via oceanic migration. Expand
Variation in macrofaunal communities of sea grass beds along a pollution gradient in Bolinao, northwestern Philippines.
This study examined the variation of macrofaunal communities in sea grass beds along a pollution gradient in Bolinao, northwestern Philippines. We established four stations and compared the diversityExpand
Seasonal stream habitat of adult Sakhalin taimen, Parahucho perryi, in the Bekanbeushi River system, eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Behavioural tracking of endangered adult Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi) by acoustic telemetry was conducted in the Bekanbeushi River system that flows through eastern Hokkaido in 2008–2010. AExpand