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Promoting Polyarchy: Globalization, US Intervention, and Hegemony
Introduction: from East-West to North-South: US intervention in the 'new world order' 1. From 'straight power concepts' to 'persuasion' in US foreign policy 2. Political operations in US foreign
Taming the Sovereigns: Institutional Change in International Politics
  • K. Holsti
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 23 February 2004
1. The problem of change in international relations: rhetoric, markers, and metrics 2. The state as agent and institution 3. Territoriality 4. Sovereignty 5. International law 6. Diplomacy 7. Trade
International Politics: A Framework for Analysis
I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Approaches to the Study of International Politics. II. INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS. 2. Historic International Systems. 3. The Contemporary Global System. III. ACTORS IN THE
The state, war, and the state of war: The strength of states
In the conventional international relations literature, states are primarily characterized in terms of power, that is, in their capacity to achieve and defend their purposes either through persuasion
Peace and War: Armed Conflicts and International Order, 1648-1989
Preface 1. On the study of war 2. Munster and Osnabruck: peace by pieces 3. War and peace in the era of the heroic warriors, 1648-1713 4. Act Two of the hegemony drama: the Utrecht settlements 5. The