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Fission‐Fusion Dynamics
Renewed interest in fission‐fusion dynamics is due to the recognition that such dynamics may create unique challenges for social interaction and distinctive selective pressures acting on underlyingExpand
Spatial, temporal, and physical characteristics of livestock depredations by large carnivores along a Kenyan reserve border
ARTICLE INFOArticle history:Received 4 June 2005Received in revised form7 October 2005Accepted 14 October 2005Available online 28 November 2005Keywords:Livestock depredationHuman–carnivoreExpand
Innovative problem solving by wild spotted hyenas
It is demonstrated for the first time in a non-human animal that those individuals exhibiting a greater diversity of initial exploratory behaviours are more successful problem solvers, and that neophobia was a critical inhibitor of problem-solving success. Expand
Symbiotic bacteria appear to mediate hyena social odors
Next-generation sequencing is used to survey deeply the bacterial communities in the scent glands of wild spotted and striped hyenas, showing that these communities are dominated by fermentative bacteria and that the structures of these communities covary with the volatile fatty acid profiles of scent secretions in both hyena species. Expand
Evolutionary forces favoring intragroup coalitions among spotted hyenas and other animals
Overall, hyenas made flexible decisions regarding whether or not to intervene in fights, modifying their tendency to cooperate based on multiple types of information about their immediate social and ecological environments. Expand
Hunting rates and hunting success in the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
Although no significant sex differences were observed in juvenile or adult hunting rates, low-ranking adult females hunted at significantly higher hourly rates than did higher-ranking females, and young hyenas were poor hunters, and did not achieve adult competency levels until they were 5–6 years old. Expand
Brain size predicts problem-solving ability in mammalian carnivores
An experiment to inquire whether specific neuroanatomical or socioecological measures predict success at solving a novel technical problem among species in the mammalian order Carnivora found that species with larger brains relative to their body mass were more successful at opening the boxes. Expand
Social and ecological determinants of fission–fusion dynamics in the spotted hyaena
It is found that cooperative defence of shared resources during interclan competition and protection from lions were cohesive forces that promoted formation of large subgroups of various sizes inotted hyaenas. Expand
Dispersal Status Influences Hormones and Behavior in the Male Spotted Hyena
Two different relationships appear to exist between circulating testosterone and social rank in male Crocuta: one apparent in immigrants and the other in natal adult males, which suggest that dispersal might disinhibit testosterone secretion in postpubertal male hyenas. Expand