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Continuous Lattices and Domains
Preface Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction 1. A primer on ordered sets and lattices 2. Order theory of domains 3. The Scott topology 4. The Lawson Topology 5. Morphisms and functors 6. Spectral
A Compendium of Continuous Lattices
O. A Primer of Complete Lattices.- 1. Generalities and notation.- 2. Complete lattices.- 3. Galois connections.- 4. Meet-continuous lattices.- I. Lattice Theory of Continuous Lattices.- 1. The
The structure of compact groups
The theme of this book is the Structure Theory of compact groups. It contains a completely selfcontained introduction to linear Lie groups and a substantial body of material on compact Lie groups.
The spectral theory of distributive continuous lattices
In this paper various properties of the spectrum (i.e. the set of prime elements endowed with the hull-kernel topology) of a distributive continuous lattice are developed. It is shown that the
Representations of algebras by continuous sections
This survey is concerned with the representation of discrete rings and topological algebras (such as C*-algebras) by rings of continuous sections in sheaves of rings or fields of topological algebras.
The Structure of Compact Groups: A Primer for Students - A Handbook for the Expert
The subject matter of compact groups is frequently cited in fields like algebra, topology, functional analysis, and theoretical physics. This book serves the dual purpose of providing a textbook on
Locally compact semigroups in which a subgroup with compact complement is dense
The object of this paper is a complete study of the category of all locally compact topological semigroups which contain a dense open subgroup such that the complement of this subgroup is compact.