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Continuous Lattices and Domains
Preface Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction 1. A primer on ordered sets and lattices 2. Order theory of domains 3. The Scott topology 4. The Lawson Topology 5. Morphisms and functors 6. SpectralExpand
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A Compendium of Continuous Lattices
O. A Primer of Complete Lattices.- 1. Generalities and notation.- 2. Complete lattices.- 3. Galois connections.- 4. Meet-continuous lattices.- I. Lattice Theory of Continuous Lattices.- 1. TheExpand
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The structure of compact groups
The theme of this book is the Structure Theory of compact groups. It contains a completely selfcontained introduction to linear Lie groups and a substantial body of material on compact Lie groups.Expand
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Elements of compact semigroups
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The spectral theory of distributive continuous lattices
In this paper various properties of the spectrum (i.e. the set of prime elements endowed with the hull-kernel topology) of a distributive continuous lattice are developed. It is shown that theExpand
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Representations of algebras by continuous sections
This survey is concerned with the representation of discrete rings and topological algebras (such as C*-algebras) by rings of continuous sections in sheaves of rings or fields of topological algebras.
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Weight and c
Abstract We show that every locally compact group G contains a discrete subspace X which is closed in G ⧹{1} and has the property that G is the smallest closed subgroup containing X . The minimum ofExpand
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