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Deep roots of the Messinian salinity crisis
The Messinian salinity crisis—the desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea between 5.96 and 5.33 million years (Myr) ago—was one of the most dramatic events on Earth during the Cenozoic era. It resultedExpand
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Post-Collisional Transition from Subduction- to Intraplate-type Magmatism in the Westernmost Mediterranean: Evidence for Continental-Edge Delamination of Subcontinental Lithosphere
Post-collisional magmatism in the southern Iberian and northwestern African continental margins contains important clues for the understanding of a possible causal connection between movements in theExpand
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Magmatic evolution of the Alboran region: The role of subduction in forming the western Mediterranean and causing the Messinian Salinity Crisis
The magmatic evolution of the Alboran region (westernmost Mediterranean) contains important clues for improving our understanding of the origin of Mediterranean-style back-arc basins and theExpand
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The 40Ar/39Ar age dating of the Madeira Archipelago and hotspot track (eastern North Atlantic)
The 40Ar/39Ar ages for 35 volcanic rocks and 14C ages for two charcoal samples from the Madeira Archipelago and Ampere Seamount (eastern North Atlantic) are presented. The volcanic evolution ofExpand
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Seismic and geochemical evidence for large-scale mantle upwelling beneath the eastern Atlantic and western and central Europe
Seismic tomography and the isotope geochemistry of Cenozoic volcanic rocks suggest the existence of a large, sheet-like region of upwelling in the upper mantle which extends from the eastern AtlanticExpand
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Constraints on mantle melting and composition and nature of slab components in volcanic arcs from volatiles (H 2 O, S, Cl, F) and trace elements in melt inclusions from the Kamchatka Arc
New and published data on the composition of melt inclusions in olivine (Fo73–91) from volcanoes of the Kamchatka and northern Kurile Arc are used 1) to evaluate the combined systematics of volatilesExpand
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Geochemistry of oceanic carbonatites compared with continental carbonatites: mantle recycling of oceanic crustal carbonate
Abstract. Major and trace element and Sr–Nd–Pb–O–C isotopic compositions are presented for carbonatites from the Cape Verde (Brava, Fogo, Sáo Tiago, Maio and Sáo Vicente) and Canary (Fuerteventura)Expand
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Cenozoic intraplate volcanism on New Zealand: Upwelling induced by lithospheric removal
Diffuse intraplate volcanism spanning the Cenozoic on the North, South, Chatham, Auckland, Campbell and Antipodes Islands of New Zealand has produced quartz tholeiitic to basanitic/nepheliniticExpand
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Missing history (16–71 Ma) of the Galápagos hotspot: Implications for the tectonic and biological evolution of the Americas
We present the results of volcanological, geochemical, and geochronological studies of volcanic rocks from Malpelo Island on the Nazca plate (15.8–17.3 Ma) belonging to the Gala´pagos hotspotExpand
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Hikurangi Plateau: Crustal structure, rifted formation, and Gondwana subduction history
[1] Seismic reflection profiles across the Hikurangi Plateau Large Igneous Province and adjacent margins reveal the faulted volcanic basement and overlying Mesozoic-Cenozoic sedimentary units as wellExpand
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