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The worldwide leaf economics spectrum
Bringing together leaf trait data spanning 2,548 species and 175 sites we describe, for the first time at global scale, a universal spectrum of leaf economics consisting of key chemical, structuralExpand
Assessing the generality of global leaf trait relationships.
Global-scale quantification of relationships between plant traits gives insight into the evolution of the world's vegetation, and is crucial for parameterizing vegetation-climate models. A databaseExpand
Photosynthesis or persistence: nitrogen allocation in leaves of evergreen and deciduous Quercus species
Photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency (PNUE, photosynthetic capacity per unit leaf nitrogen) is one of the most important factors for the interspecific variation in photosynthetic capacity. PNUE wasExpand
Modulation of leaf economic traits and trait relationships by climate
Aim Our aim was to quantify climatic influences on key leaf traits and relationships at the global scale. This knowledge provides insight into how plants have adapted to different environmentalExpand
Temperature acclimation of photosynthesis: mechanisms involved in the changes in temperature dependence of photosynthetic rate.
Growth temperature alters temperature dependence of the photosynthetic rate (temperature acclimation). In many species, the optimal temperature that maximizes the photosynthetic rate increases withExpand
Temperature response of photosynthesis in C3, C4, and CAM plants: temperature acclimation and temperature adaptation
Most plants show considerable capacity to adjust their photosynthetic characteristics to their growth temperatures (temperature acclimation). The most typical case is a shift in the optimumExpand
Interspecific difference in the photosynthesis–nitrogen relationship: patterns, physiological causes, and ecological importance
  • K. Hikosaka
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Plant Research
  • 2 October 2004
The photosynthesis–nitrogen relationship is significantly different among species. Photosynthetic capacity per unit leaf nitrogen, termed as photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency (PNUE), has beenExpand
A model of the acclimation of photosynthesis in the leaves of C3 plants to sun and shade with respect to nitrogen use
A model of leaf photosynthesis of C3, plants has been developed to describe their nitrogen economy. In this model, photosynthetic proteins are categorized into five groups depending on theirExpand
A global meta-analysis of the relative extent of intraspecific trait variation in plant communities.
Recent studies have shown that accounting for intraspecific trait variation (ITV) may better address major questions in community ecology. However, a general picture of the relative extent of ITVExpand
The excess light energy that is neither utilized in photosynthesis nor dissipated by photoprotective mechanisms determines the rate of photoinactivation in photosystem II.
Photoinactivation of PSII is thought to be caused by the excessive light energy that is neither used for photosynthetic electron transport nor dissipated as heat. However, the relationship betweenExpand