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Non-clinical pharmacology and safety evaluation of TH9507, a human growth hormone-releasing factor analogue.
TH9507, an analogue of human growth hormone-releasing factor (hGRF1-44NH2) minimally modified by addition of a trans-3-hexenoyl moiety to Tyr1 of the amino acid sequence, was found to be resistant toExpand
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Restoring Historic Plant Communities in the Oak Openings Region of Northwest Ohio
Metroparks staff. B European settlement, a diverse fire-maintained landscape of oak savanna, oak woodland, and wet prairie covered the 100,000-acre Oak Openings ecological region of northwest OhioExpand
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Characterization of metallothionein-like proteins from zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha)
Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) are freshwater mollusks that have recently infested the Great Lakes ecosystem. Possessing a large capacity for filtration, these mussel populations act asExpand
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Probing the characteristics of metal-binding proteins using high-performance liquid chromatography–atomic absorption spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
The primary structure of metallothionein (MT) and MT-like proteins (MLP) contains a high proportion of cysteine residues which are capable of complexing a variety of metals. Due to the uniqueExpand
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Glucuronidation of the nonsteroidal antiestrogen EM-652 (SCH 57068), by human and monkey steroid conjugating UDP-glucuronosyltransferase enzymes.
EM-652 (SCH 57068) is a new orally active antiestrogen that demonstrates pure antagonistic effects in the mammary gland and endometrium. In vivo studies have shown that EM-652 is primarilyExpand
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n-3 fatty acids inhibit defects and fatty acid changes caused by phenytoin in early gestation in mice
Our previous work has shown that n-3 fatty acids exert a protective effect against phenytoin-induced cleft palate when phenytoin was administered midgestation [gestational days (GD) 12 and 13] toExpand
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Impact of Tesamorelin, a Growth Hormone‐Releasing Factor (GRF) Analogue, on the Pharmacokinetics of Simvastatin and Ritonavir in Healthy Volunteers
The potential impact of tesamorelin on CYP3A activity was investigated by examining its effect on the pharmacokinetics of simvastatin and ritonavir. In two randomized, two‐way crossover studies,Expand
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Derives de la pth resistants aux proteases de la peau
L'invention concerne des analogues, resistants aux proteases, de derives biologiquement actifs de la parathormone humaine (PTH). Ces analogues sont destines a etre utilises dans des preparationsExpand
Metal-specific high performance liquid chromatography detection approaches for the characterization of metallothionein-like proteins from freshwater mussels
Risk assessment of environmental exposure to chronic, trace concentrations of contaminants presents an analytical challenge to interpret data in a biologically meaningful way. Biomarkers areExpand