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Lecture Notes on Physics
THE author says in his preface that the book “may be supposed to represent the notes, somewhat expanded, which the teacher would desire the class to take down and learn.” If so, the “notes”before us
The classical limit for quantum mechanical correlation functions
For quantum systems of finitely many particles as well as for boson quantum field theories, the classical limit of the expectation values of products of Weyl operators, translated in time by the
Influence of eye position on activity in monkey superior colliculus.
This paper tests the hypothesis that SC activity is influenced by eye position, by recording from presaccadic burst neurons while monkeys made rapid eye movements in the light covering a large part of the oculomotor range, and concludes that the SC has access to a signal related to the position of the eyes in the orbit.
Proof of the Bogoliubov-Parasiuk theorem on renormalization
A new proof is given that the subtraction rules ofBogoliubov andParasiuk lead to well-defined renormalized Green's distributions. A collection of the counter-terms in “trees” removes the difficulties
The Vlasov dynamics and its fluctuations in the 1/N limit of interacting classical particles
AbstractFor classicalN-particle systems with pair interactionN−1 $$\mathop \Sigma \limits_{1 \leqq i \leqq j \leqq N} $$ ø(qi−qi) the Vlasov dynamics is shown to be thew*-limit asN→∞. Propagation of
On Listing's law
Listing's law states that visual directions of sight are related to rotations of the eye so that all rotation axes lie in a plane. The geometry ofSO(3) indicates several plausible algorithms how the
I) Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science
This article reviews (I) Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science Hermann Weyl. 336 pp. , Princeton, NJ, 2009. Price: $35.00(paper). ISBN 978-0-691-14120-6.
Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Matter Interacting with the Quantized Radiation Field
The thermodynamic properties of several systems of multilevel atoms interacting with a quantized radiation field are investigated. We allow a quantum-mechanical treatment of the translational degrees