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Integrated stratigraphy and 40Ar/39Ar chronology of the Early to Middle Miocene Upper Freshwater Molasse in eastern Bavaria (Germany)
A detailed integrated stratigraphic study was carried out on middle Miocene fluvial successions of the Upper Freshwater Molasse (OSM) from the North Alpine Foreland Basin, in eastern Bavaria,Expand
The uplift of the central High Atlas as deduced from neogene continental sediments of the Ouarzazate province, Morocco
South of the central High Atlas, continental Neogene sediments crop out in the following areas: in a palaeo-drainage system in the Anti-Atlas, in a southern foredeep of the central High AtlasExpand
The phylogenetic relationships of the Elasmotherini (Rhinocerotidae, Mamm.)
A cladistic analysis of the extinct rhinoceros tribe Elasmotherini is presented, based mainly on dental morphology. The result is a new classification of Begertherium (formerly Hispanotherium) grimmiExpand
Recent Advances on Multidisciplinary Research at Rudabánya, Late Miocene (MN9), Hungary: a compendium
Rudabanya is a rich late Miocene fossil locality first exploited for its vertebrate remains by Petho in 1902. The first fossil primate was discovered by the local Chief Mining Geologist, GaborExpand
New records of Dorcatherium guntianum (Tragulidae), stratigraphical framework, and diphyletic origin of Miocene European tragulids
Seven hitherto unpublished Dorcatherium guntianum teeth from the Early Miocene of Germany are described. Morphology and size of the teeth are documented in detail and taxonomic affiliation isExpand
Revision of the European species of Prosantorhinus Heissig, 1974 (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Rhinocerotidae)
Abstract It is not size that distinguishes the genus Prosantorhinus Heissig, 1974 from Diaceratherium Dietrich, 1931, but the following characters: a concave dorsal skull profile with upslantingExpand
The Ries and Steinheim Meteorite Impacts and their Effect on Environmental Conditions in Time and Space
The Ries and Steinheim Impact about 15 Ma ago had no palaeontologically verifiable effect on the composition of the fauna and the flora in Southern Germany. The destruction was only of localExpand
Late miocene rhinocerotids (Mammalia) from Yulafli (Çorlu-Thrace/Turkey)
Abstract New Rhinocerotidae remains from the Upper Miocene in Yulafli (Corlu-Thrace/Turkey) include Aceratherium incisivum Kaup , 1832 , Acerorhinus zernowi ( Borissiak , 1914 ) and DihoplusExpand