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Universality in chaos of particle motion near black hole horizon
The motion of a particle near a horizon of a spherically symmetric static black hole is shown to possess a universal Lyapunov exponent of chaos bounded by its surface gravity. To probe the horizon,
Holographic Baryons : Static Properties and Form Factors from Gauge/String Duality(Nuclear Physics)
In this paper, we study properties of baryons by using a holographic dual of QCD on the basis of the D4/D8-brane configuration, where baryons are described by a soliton. We first determine the
Tachyon Condensates, Carrollian Contraction of Lorentz Group, and Fundamental Strings
We study the rolling tachyon condensate in the presence of a gauge fleld. The generic vacuum admits both a rolling tachyon, _ T, and a uniform electric fleld, ~ E, which together afiect the efiective
Out-of-time-order correlators in quantum mechanics
A bstractThe out-of-time-order correlator (OTOC) is considered as a measure of quantum chaos. We formulate how to calculate the OTOC for quantum mechanics with a general Hamiltonian. We demonstrate
Vacuum instability in electric fields via AdS/CFT: Euler-Heisenberg Lagrangian and Planckian thermalization
A bstractWe analyze vacuum instability of strongly coupled gauge theories in a constant electric field using AdS/CFT correspondence. The model is the $ \mathcal{N}=2 $ 1-flavor supersymmetric large
Generalized supersymetric boundary state
Following our previous paper (hep-th/9909027), we generalize a supersymmetric boundary state so that arbitrary configuration of the gauge field coupled to the boundary of the worldsheet is
Evolution from non-Fermi- to Fermi-liquid transport via isovalent doping in BaFe 2 (As 1-x P x ) 2 superconductors
The normal-state charge transport is studied systematically in high-quality single crystals of ${\text{BaFe}}_{2}{({\text{As}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\text{P}}_{x})}_{2}$
Islands in Schwarzschild black holes
We study the Page curve for asymptotically flat eternal Schwarzschild black holes in four and higher spacetime dimensions. Before the Page time, the entanglement entropy grows linearly in time. After
Quark mass deformation of holographic massless QCD
We propose several quark mass deformations of the holographic model of massless QCD using the D4/D8/-brane configuration proposed by Sakai and Sugimoto. The deformations are based on introducing
Corrections to D-brane Action and Generalized Boundary State
In this paper, we generalize a boundary state to the one incorporating non-constant gauge field strength as an external background coupled to the boundary of a string worldsheet in bosonic string