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Manipulator control with image-based visual servo
A visual feedback control scheme, called image-based visual servo, is proposed for manipulators with cameras on their hands. To accomplish specific tasks in unstructured environments, it is essentialExpand
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Accurate Object Pose Estimation Using Depth Only
Object recognition and pose estimation is an important task in computer vision. A pose estimation algorithm using only depth information is proposed in this paper. Foreground and background pointsExpand
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Keeping features in the field of view in eye-in-hand visual servoing: a switching approach
A visual servoing strategy for keeping features in the field of view is proposed which consists of a switching among position-based control strategies and backward motion. In the absence ofExpand
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Microrobotic visual control of motile cells using high-speed tracking system
We propose a visual control system for motile cells. Our goal is to control microorganisms as microscale smart robots for various applications. As a first step, we have developed a visual feedbackExpand
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Dynamic active catching using a high-speed multifingered hand and a high-speed vision system
A new robotic hand system with high-speed finger motion of 180 [deg] per 0.1 [s] has been developed. With high-speed visual feedback at a rate of 1 [kHz], various dynamic manipulations are achieved.Expand
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Modeling and control of robotic yo-yo with visual feedback
Yo-yo is a toy made of two thick circular pieces of wood, plastic, etc., connected with a short axle that can be made to run up and down, by moving a string tied to it. Humans can play with a yo-yoExpand
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A review on vision-based control of robot manipulators
  • K. Hashimoto
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Adv. Robotics
  • 1 January 2003
Recent vision-based control algorithms for robot manipulators are reviewed. Vision is essential for robots working in an unstructured environment. There are numerous research results in vision-basedExpand
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Visual servoing with hand-eye manipulator-optimal control approach
This paper proposes a control theoretic formulation and a controller design method for the feature-based visual servoing with redundant features. The linear time-invariant (LTI) formulation copesExpand
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Variable-focus lens with 1-kHz bandwidth.
This paper proposes a variable-focus lens with 1-kHz bandwidth. The lens transforms its shape rapidly using the liquid pressure generated by a piezo stack actuator. This mechanism also includes aExpand
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Identifying a moving object with an accelerometer in a camera view
This paper proposes a method for identifying an object which contains an accelerometer out of many moving objects in the view of a stationary camera using motion data obtained by the camera and theExpand
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