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Evaluation of equilibrium and non-equilibrium evaporation models for many-droplet gas-liquid flow simulations
A variety of liquid droplet evaporation models, including both classical equilibrium and non-equilibrium Langmuir–Knudsen formulations, are evaluated through comparisons with experiments withExpand
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Isolated fluid oxygen drop behavior in fluid hydrogen at rocket chamber pressures
A model has been developed for the behavior of an isolated fluid drop of a single compound immersed into another compound in finite, quiescent surroundings at supercritical conditions. The model isExpand
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An all-pressure fluid drop model applied to a binary mixture: heptane in nitrogen
The differences between subcritical liquid drop and supercritical fluid drop behavior are shown to be a direct consequence of the length scales near the fluid drop boundary. Under subcritical,Expand
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Direct numerical simulations of supercritical fluid mixing layers applied to heptane–nitrogen
Direct numerical simulations (DNS) are conducted of a model hydrocarbon{nitrogen mixing layer under supercritical conditions. The temporally developing mixing layer conguration is studied usingExpand
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Efficient High-Pressure State Equations
A method is presented for a relatively accurate, noniterative, computationally efficient calculation of high-pressure fluid-mixture equations of state, especially targeted to gas turbines and rocketExpand
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Mixing rules for multicomponent mixture mass diffusion coefficients and thermal diffusion factors.
Mixing rules are derived for mass diffusion coefficient and thermal diffusion factor matrices by developing compatibility conditions between the fluid mixture equations obtained from nonequilibriumExpand
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Interactions of fluid oxygen drops in fluid hydrogen at rocket chamber pressures
A model of fluid drop behavior in clusters has been developed including the interactions induced by the drop proximity. The model is based upon the global conservation equations for the interstitialExpand
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Changing incidence and delay of testicular cancer in southern Norway (1981-1992).
METHODS The medical records of 352 patients with newly diagnosed testicular cancer were reviewed. Patients were orchiectomized during three 2-year periods (1981/82, 1986/87, 1991/92) and wereExpand
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High-Pressure Binary Mass Diffusion Coefficients for Combustion Applications
A scaling for binary mass diffusion coefficients is developed using a corresponding states expression based on kinetic theory. The scaling is used to form nondimensional diffusion coefficients.Expand
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The Lewis number under supercritical conditions
An effective Lewis number is calculated for situations where temperature and mass fraction gradients are very large by defining effective thermal and mass diffusivities; such situations may occur inExpand
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