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Prediction of drug-induced catalepsy based on dopamine D1, D2, and muscarinic acetylcholine receptor occupancies.
It is known that catalepsy serves as an experimental animal model of parkinsonism. In this study, the relationship between in vivo dopamine D1 and D2 receptor occupancies and catalepsy wasExpand
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Data Format for Ray File Standard
A working group for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recently published the TM-25 standard file format for disseminating source ray data. This presentation will inform the community of theExpand
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Data format standard for sharing light source measurements
Optical design requires accurate characterization of light sources for computer aided design (CAD) software. Various methods have been used to model sources, from accurate physical models toExpand
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Ionospheric conductivity dependence of dayside region-0, 1, and 2 field-aligned current systems: statistical study with DMSP-F7
The present study statistically examines the dependence of the intensities of dayside (MLT=8-12 h) large-scale field-aligned currents (FACs) on the ionospheric conductance using the summary data ofExpand
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