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Biped walking pattern generation by using preview control of zero-moment point
We introduce a new method of a biped walking pattern generation by using a preview control of the zero-moment point (ZMP). First, the dynamics of a biped robot is modeled as a running cart on a tableExpand
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Humanoid robot HRP-2
A development of humanoid robot HRP-2 is presented in this paper. HRP-2 is a humanoid robotics platform, which we developed in phase two of HRP. HRP was a humanoid robotics project, which had run byExpand
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Resolved momentum control: humanoid motion planning based on the linear and angular momentum
We introduce a method to generate whole body motion of a humanoid robot such that the resulted total linear/angular momenta become specified values. First, we derive a linear equation, which gives toExpand
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Biped walking stabilization based on linear inverted pendulum tracking
A novel framework of biped walking stabilization control is introduced. The target robot is a 42 DOF humanoid robot HRP-4C which has a body dimensions close to the average Japanese female. We developExpand
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A universal stability criterion of the foot contact of legged robots - adios ZMP
This paper proposes a universal stability criterion of the foot contact of legged robots. The proposed method checks if the sum of the gravity and the inertia wrench applied to the COG of the robot,Expand
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Introduction to Humanoid Robotics
This book is for researchers, engineers, and students who are willing to understand how humanoid robots move and be controlled. The book starts with an overview of the humanoid robotics researchExpand
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Motion Planning for Legged Robots on Varied Terrain
In this paper we study the quasi-static motion of large legged robots that have many degrees of freedom. While gaited walking may suffice on easy ground, rough and steep terrain requires uniqueExpand
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Experimentation of Humanoid Walking Allowing Immediate Modification of Foot Place Based on Analytical Solution
This paper proposes a method of a real-time gait planning for humanoid robots which can change stride immediately at every step. Based on an analytical solution of an inverted pendulum model, theExpand
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An Analytical Method for Real-Time Gait Planning for Humanoid Robots
This paper studies real-time gait planning for a humanoid robot. By simultaneously planning the trajectories of the COG (Center of Gravity) and the ZMP (Zero Moment Point), a fast and smooth changeExpand
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A Humanoid Robot Carrying a Heavy Object
This paper studies the balance of a humanoid robot carrying a heavy object. Without knowing the mass and the position of the center of gravity of the object, the humanoid robot carries a heavy objectExpand
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