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Genuine Savings Rates in Developing Countries
In this paper, genuine savings rates in developing countries, a formal model of green national accounting demonstrates that 'genuine' saving, net saving less the value of resource depletion andExpand
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The changing wealth of nations : measuring sustainable development in the new millennium
This book is about development and measuring development progress. While precise definitions may vary, development is, at heart, a process of building wealth, the produced, natural, human, andExpand
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Where is the wealth of nations? : measuring capital for the 21st century
The book presents estimates of total wealth for nearly 120 countries, using economic theory to decompose the wealth of a nation into its component pieces: produced capital, natural resources andExpand
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Savings, Growth and the Resource Curse Hypothesis
An important connection between recent attempts to understand the determinants of economic growth and the measurement of sustainability is the finding of a negative and significant relationshipExpand
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Green adjustments to GDP
Abstract A review of the green national accounts literature shows that there is little agreement on whether to adjust gross or net product, or on the sign of some of the adjustments proposed. AExpand
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Measuring Sustainable Development: Macroeconomics and the Environment
Demonstrates how various indicators can be developed and used by macroeconomists to determine whether or not economic development programs and policies are on a path of environmental sustainability.Expand
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Trade In'Virtual Carbon': Empirical Results and Implications for Policy
The fact that developing countries do not have carbon emission caps under the Kyoto Protocol has led to the current interest in high-income countries in border taxes on the"virtual"carbon content ofExpand
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Comprehensive wealth and future consumption : accounting for population growth
Economic theory predicts that the current change in national wealth, broadly defined to include natural and human capital as well as produced capital (genuine savings), determines whether the presentExpand
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Investing Exhaustible Resource Rents and the Path of Consumption
We set out dollar-valued net national product for an economy with a wasting essential stock (oil deposit). We take up `maintaining capital intact' and locally unchanging consumption. The percentageExpand
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