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X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS) on Board Suzaku
The XIS is an X-ray Imaging Spectrometer system, consisting of state-of-the-art charge-coupled devices (CCDs) optimized for X-ray detection, camera bodies, and control electronics. Four sets of XISExpand
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The X-Ray Observatory Suzaku
High-sensitivity wide-band X-ray spectroscopy is the key feature of the Suzaku X-ray observatory, launched on 2005 July 10. This paper summarizes the spacecraft, in-orbit performance, operations, andExpand
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3D modelling of the colliding winds in η Carinae – evidence for radiative inhibition
The X-ray emission from the super-massive star η Car is simulated using a three dimensional model of the wind-wind collision. In the model the intrinsic X-ray emission is spatially extended andExpand
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Monte Carlo Simulator and Ancillary Response Generator of Suzaku XRT/XIS System for Spatially Extended Source Analysis
We have developed a framework for the Monte-Carlo simulation of the X-Ray Telescopes (XRT) and the X-ray Imaging Spectrometers (XIS) onboard Suzaku, mainly for the scientific analysis of spatiallyExpand
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Three-dimensional adaptive mesh refinement hydrodynamical simulations of the wind-wind collision between the enigmatic supermassive star η Car and its mysterious companion star are presented whichExpand
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Suzaku Observations of the Local and Distant Hot ISM
Suzaku observed the molecular cloud MBM 12 and a blank field less than 3 ◦ away to separate the local and distant components of the diffuse soft X-ray background. Towards MBM 12, a local (D 275pc) OExpand
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η Carinae across the 2003.5 Minimum: Spectroscopic Evidence for Massive Binary Interactions
We have analyzed high spatial, moderate spectral resolution observations of η Carinae (η Car) obtained with the STIS from 1998.0 to 2004.3. The data were obtained at discrete times covering an entireExpand
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X-Ray Study of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
We present ASCA results of intermediate-mass pre-main-sequence (PMS) stars, or Herbig Ae/Be (HAeBe) stars. Among the 35 ASCA pointed sources, we detect 11 plausible X-ray counterparts. X-rayExpand
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Chandra Deep X-Ray Observation of a Typical Galactic Plane Region and Near-Infrared Identification
Using the Chandra Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer Imaging array (ACIS-I), we have carried out a deep hard X-ray observation of the Galactic plane region at (l,b) ≈ (285,00), where no discrete X-rayExpand
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X-ray spectral variation of η carinae through the 2003 X-ray minimum
We report the results of an observing campaign on η Car around the 2003 X-ray minimum, mainly using the XMM-Newton observatory. These are the first spatially resolved X-ray monitoring observations ofExpand
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