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The ecology of team science: understanding contextual influences on transdisciplinary collaboration.
Increased public and private investments in large-scale team science initiatives over the past two decades have underscored the need to better understand how contextual factors influence theExpand
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The science of team science: overview of the field and introduction to the supplement.
The science of team science encompasses an amalgam of conceptual and methodologic strategies aimed at understanding and enhancing the outcomes of large-scale collaborative research and trainingExpand
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Meta-analytic examination of the strong and weak principles across 48 health behaviors.
OBJECTIVE The strong and weak principles of change state that progress from the precontemplation to the action stage of change is associated with a one standard deviation increase in the pros and aExpand
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Measuring collaboration and transdisciplinary integration in team science.
PURPOSE As the science of team science evolves, the development of measures that assess important processes related to working in transdisciplinary teams is critical. Therefore, the purpose of thisExpand
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A Multi-Level Systems Perspective for the Science of Team Science
This Commentary describes recent research progress and professional developments in the study of scientific teamwork, an area of inquiry termed the "science of team science" (SciTS, pronounced “sahyts”). Expand
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The collaboration readiness of transdisciplinary research teams and centers findings from the National Cancer Institute's TREC Year-One evaluation study.
Growing interest in promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration among health scientists has prompted several federal agencies, including the NIH, to establish large, multicenter initiatives intendedExpand
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Moving the science of team science forward: collaboration and creativity.
Teams of scientists representing diverse disciplines are often brought together for purposes of better understanding and, ultimately, resolving urgent public health and environmental problems.Expand
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Advancing the Science of Team Science
The First Annual International Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference was held in Chicago, IL April 22–24, 2010. This article presents a summary of the Conference proceedings. Clin Trans SciExpand
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Pioneering the Transdisciplinary Team Science Approach: Lessons Learned from National Cancer Institute Grantees.
The National Cancer Institute has been a leader in supporting transdisciplinary (TD) team science. From 2005-2010, the NCI supported Transdisciplinary Research on Energetic and Cancer I (TREC I), aExpand
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Assessing the value of team science: a study comparing center- and investigator-initiated grants.
BACKGROUND Large cross-disciplinary scientific teams are becoming increasingly prominent in the conduct of research. PURPOSE This paper reports on a quasi-experimental longitudinal study conductedExpand
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